Luwezi Kinshasa

France uses arrest of Roger Lumbala as a cover up to hide their own interests and crimes in Africa

Roger Lumbala is a creation of the U.S. process of placing Ugandan and Rwandan neocolonial mercenary States in charge of DR Congo.

Neocolonial governments use COVID-19 as weapon against African working class

This COVID-19 crisis has done more than any other previous crisis to expose the uselessness of African neocolonial governments.

We cannot be fooled: Macron reforms the CFA to maintain French colonial domination in Africa

Macron told a lie to justify the reform of the CFA franc, saying, “It was by hearing your youth that I wanted to initiate this reform. The CFA franc crystallizes many criticisms and many debates on France in Africa. I have heard the critics, I see your youth which criticizes us for continuing a relationship which it considers post-colonial. So let's break the moorings."

We demand all white imperialist armies out of Africa!

Africa is at war today more than she was in the sixties during the world struggle for independence.

A critique of Macron’s meeting with Addo Akofu and the black diaspora of France

The French President Emmanuel Macron invited President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo to Paris on Thursday, July 11. 

The fall of Omar Hassan al-Bachir

Omar Hassan al-Bashir was toppled after 30 years in power, following four months of demonstration that started in December last year, when the price of bread and fuel were sharply increased due to suppression of subsidies by his regime.

The shot heard around the African world: African Internationalism goes viral!

Amongst future imperialist minions, aspiring neocolonial puppets and an African who self-describes as a “proud anglophile,” Chairman Yeshitela boldly declared, “we are one Africa, one nation and we must have a closer union but in order for that to happen it has to be a revolutionary union!” All whilst dressed in his black and gold Uhuru attire.

On the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X… You can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution!

On February 21, 1965, the U.S. government, under the regime of democrat president Lyndon B. Johnson, assassinated Malcolm X with the clear intent to silence the growing Black Liberation Movement within the United States.

Kabila’s regime shut down internet to steal elections

The dying regime of Joseph Kabila is desperate to extend it by all means. On the 1st day of the New Year, 2019, Joseph Kabila's government shut down the internet network across the entire Republic of Congo─barely two days after his government presided over the most chaotic voting process.