We demand all white imperialist armies out of Africa!

Africa is under siege in the most dangerous time in her long history of the national liberation struggle against Euro-American imperialism. 
Nothing is more dangerous than the false sense of security entertained by the African petty bourgeoisie neocolonial rulers, which describes our main enemy, the white imperialist powers as partners.

African Nation has no security

All countries which make up the African Nation on the African continent have no power that can be projected on the world stage because they don’t have a common foreign defense policy as Nkrumah requested them to do. 
It is everyone for himself in the face of white imperialist State terrorist power.
The partner cannot hide the reality that the white nation oppresses the African Nation. Wealth flows from the black nation to the white nation.
They do not always agree amongst themselves, particularly in this period of the world crisis of imperialism.
Despite their differences, white power rulers from Germany, Britain, the U.S. and others, are partners inside the white bourgeois nation against Africa and other oppressed colonized peoples.
In Europe or in America, the white rulers have made cosmetic changes to adapt to neocolonialism or “white power in black face.”
The European colonial departments have been renamed “International Aid Development,” or “International Cooperation Department.”
War departments are called now “defense departments;” some governments even have “minister of integration” etc.

White imperialist armies on African soil

Africa is at war today more than she was in the sixties during the world struggle for independence.
The U.S. has more than 44 military bases and drones operating freely over the clear blue sky of Africa.
The French army with a force of about 4000 soldiers is in Mali on conquered land. They are also in Niger, Gabon, Chad and Ivory Coast.
It is France that tells the Malian army where to go and not to go in Mali. With 250 soldiers, the British government has joined France in Mali to share in the colonial spoil.
According to defensepost.com, on May 10, 2019, “The Bundestag on Thursday, May 9 voted overwhelmingly to extend two military missions in Mali and one in Somalia until May 31, 2020…Deutsche Welle reported, approving thedecision taken by Germany’s federal cabinet in March.
“Around 840 Bundeswehr personnel out of a mandate for 1,100 are deployed to the United Nations peacekeeping mission Mali (MINUSMA), but according to U.N. figures for March, 392 troops, 10 police officers and 16 staff officers were deployed.”

Talking about China, the British ruling class journal, Chatham House magazine, states:

“In September 2016, it pledged $1 billion to help fund UN peace, security and development activities, while in 2018 it supplied 10.3 percent of the UN peacekeeping budget, up from 3.93 percent in 2012.

“China is also the largest contributor of peacekeeping forces among the five permanent members of the Security Council. As well as its regular troop contributions, it has also established a stand-by rapid deployment force of 8,000 peacekeeping troops.”

White imperialist powers carrying out genocide against Africa

Despite the UN’s publication of the Mapping report on the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Congo committed between 1993 and 2003, this report has not taken center stage on any international news corporation. 
The horrors of mass raping, mutilation of women’s genitals with hard objects, burying them alive or burning people alive in locked houses by U.S. funded soldiers of Museveni and Kagame’s armies, is not news for the white press and for the African petty bourgeoisie.
This ongoing large scale double operation of depopulation and population control is in line with the long term policy of the U.S to balkanize and achieve military control over Africa.
They have succeeded in Sudan where there is now South Sudan; this process is also underway in Mali, Libya, Cameroon and in the DR Congo.
On top of this, AIDS has been successfully installed in Africa, it has become the norm, there is no rebellion against it from anywhere in Africa.
Now Ebola, which officially appeared in Africa in 1976, is becoming the new norm.
For the first time, it lasted for one year in Congo, before the imperialists decided to bring new experimental vaccines to stop it.
AIDS and Ebola are added on top of other colonial diseases imposed on us like cholera for example, from India, which was introduced in Africa in 1971, yet India does not bear the stigma for being the land of cholera.

White imperialism has been our primary enemy since 1415

European imperialism has been the primary enemy of Africa and African people since 1415, when the Portuguese seized Ceuta, in North Africa, which is under Spanish jurisdiction despite being in Morocco.
They are after our labor and natural resources, which they have been getting in abundance first against our will and now with the active complicity of the African petty bourgeoisie.

The objective reality is that the lives of African people do not mean much in the eyes of imperialist powers.
The world is accustomed to seeing Africans dying in huge numbers, starving on an astronomical scale, dehumanized on live news on all main imperialist and international media.
We are bombarded with news that Africa is independent and slavery is over, apartheid ended, but the vast majority of African masses still can’t see a future under this system.
Africans are reduced to the status of subhuman everywhere. No one wants to live like black people.
In 2011, France, Britain and the U.S worked hand in hand with jihadists to overthrow Gaddafi.
They bombed everything they could bomb before murdering Gaddafi, seized Libya’s oil fields, and two years after they said to the world that the same jihadists they have just worked with in Libya, are now their enemy in Mali, so they need to save Mali from “Islamic terrorists.”
The main of objective of France’s army in Mali is to hold colonial control over it; to extract Mali’s vast natural resources in uranium, copper, oil, gas and gold.
From Mali, France and its NATO allies can threaten Algeria, which is richer than Gaddafi’s Libya was.
The basis for white imperialist powers in Africa is to maintain colonial rule and extraction of our resources—not for protection against terrorism.
White power imperialism is the terrorist!
Smash all neocolonial regimes!
Build the African Revolution for an international Black Power State!

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