The Party’s Cadre Intensive School kicks off the new year, uniting our theory with practice

On January 7, 2024, the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) initiated a virtual Cadre Intensive school for its membership, conducted by the Department of...

Tampa 5 activists walk free after bogus felony charges dropped

Hands Off Uhuru Fightback Coalition salutes the people’s organizing that forced the state of Florida to drop all the bogus felony charges against the...

Affirmative action killed—nonevent for African masses

WASHINGTON, D.C–Despite the polarized debate of justices Ketanji Brown-Jackson and Clarence Thomas, the end of “race-conscious” college admissions or affirmative action, never has, and...

Uhuru Kijiji Childcare Collective solves lack of childcare for African women

UKCC is designed to engage, organize, and empower the entire African community to reassume responsibility for creating a new society for ourselves, our families, our community and to fulfill our historic mission to be a free and independent self-governing people.

As schools reopen, African parents demand Black Community Control of Schools

On August 3, Donald Trump called by tweet once again for the reopening of schools, downplaying the rising COVID-19 numbers in the U.S.

The city of Philadelphia must stop poisoning our students and teachers

The city ignored 9,000 complaints about toxic conditions filed between 2015 and 2018. Teachers complained of shoddy clean up work and said workers hired to remove the asbestos left piles of toxic dust all over the children’s desks.

Oklahoma Students Targeted for Resisting Anti-African Headwrap Dress Code Policy

In February 2018, the students began wearing African-styled headwraps to express themselves culturally.

This is what African self-determination looks like: the 5th annual One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru Book Fair & Flea Market

Under the slogan “Putting the power of education in the hands of the African community,” APEDF, BSI and our many partners involved the black community of West Philadelphia in bringing to life the positive future of African self-determination in the real world.

Our Standards of Party Life: Who are the members of the African People’s Socialist Party?

The unity of the members of our Party is based on the decision by members to unselfishly serve the cause of African liberation through active and conscious application of the scientific principles of African Internationalism.