African Internationalist Student Organization (AISO)

The history of building the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement in Huntsville, Alabama

It all started in Washington, D.C. Students from Alabama A&M University had been a part of a student organization called the Pan-African Alliance. Through...

Dual power is tied to the consolidation of the African Nation and our struggle against colonialism!

Our Party, using the historical materialist method of investigation and analysis, concluded that black people within current U.S. borders are Africans, an integral part of a forcibly-dispersed nation. National oppression and subjugation is not something that is resolved through integrating into the system of the colonizing nation. It is resolved through emancipation from the grasp of our predatory, parasitic colonizers.

African Internationalist Students Organization (AISO) leader remembers the young fearless Martyred students of 1976

June 16, 1976 is an unforgettable date for Africans in Occupied Azania, for it was a bloody and chaotic encounter in Soweto.