Kinshasa International

In Europe, refugees’ rights are for Ukrainians only

Over 10 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine for the EU, Canada, U.S. and other colonial white countries where they are welcomed with open arms....

Why have the U.S. and EU sanctions failed to put Russia on its knees?

For the vast majority of the people of the world, the U.S. and EU sanctions are the pursuit of military world domination under the...

Glasgow COP26 organized by the bourgeoisie to maintain colonialism

Every year, the UN-inspired annual conference on climate change, called Conference of the Parties 26 (COP26), is an opportunity for oppressor nations to dictate their views on climate change on oppressed nations.

Defeat of U.S. colonialism in Afghanistan shows how a determined people can win

The following article is excerpted from a presentation delivered by African Socialist International Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa during a September 7, 2021 live forum...

France on death bed in Africa, Haiti

France is facing an existential crisis in the African world. There is much discussion about how horrible French colonialism is from Haiti to West...

France uses arrest of Roger Lumbala as a cover up to hide their own interests and crimes in Africa

Roger Lumbala is a creation of the U.S. process of placing Ugandan and Rwandan neocolonial mercenary States in charge of DR Congo.

King Leopold II, king of genocide: Make Belgium pay reparations!

On June 30, 2020, the African People’s Socialist Party and Patrice Lumumba Coalition held a demonstration outside the Belgian Embassy in London on the 60 year anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) independence.