Black Power Blueprint

Freedom rings at Clark Park’s 2023 Uhuru Book Fair and Marketplace in Philly

On Sep. 16, the Northern Region of the African People’s Socialist Party - U.S. (APSP) held its annual Uhuru Book Fair and Marketplace in...

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores are closing, but APEDF is moving forward!

After 30 and 34 years respectively, Uhuru Furniture stores in both Philadelphia, PA and Oakland, CA are closing. Since 1989, these economic development projects...

Black Power Blueprint: We’re on a mission, we’re taking territory and we’re not turning back!

African owned businesses are seeing a future. African homeowners and tenants are refusing to be pushed out of the neighborhood.

Bringing Black Power to black culture through the Musa Abantu Black Power and Open Mic Events in St. Louis

BSI and the Black Power Blueprint exist because we realize the political and economic are one.

We need Black Power and self determination, not more police

This presentation was given by Comrade Ticharwa Masimba in St. Louis, MO at the O’Fallon Neighborhood Association meeting on June 8, 2019.   He is a...

Keep the colonizers out—The Black Power Blueprint is the solution to ending gentrification!

Black people, sold on propaganda that home ownership is the foundation of economic development and the antidote to gentrification, discovered after 2008 that an international market was consolidated to exploit them as the subprime mortgage was invented and weaponized into financial instruments to be sold to investors.  


Nomination of Ticharwa Masimba: Comrade of the Quarter

It’s hard to believe it will only be two years; August 22, 2018 that African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF)/Black Star Industries (BSI)  Economic Director- St. Louis, Ticharwa Masimba joined the African People’s Socialist Party and successfully completed his probation February 22, 2017.


U.S. spy agency invades St. Louis black community—The Black Power Blueprint will make St. Louis “ungentrifiable”

ST. LOUIS—The U.S. government has chosen St. Louis, Missouri, still reeling from the 2014 African rebellions following the police assassination of Mike Brown, as the host city for a massive counterintelligence facility known as the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).


I am a Black Identity Extremist

As a white person, I would not expect to be assassinated for struggling for freedom or targeted as a domestic terrorist for building economic and political power.