Freedom rings at Clark Park’s 2023 Uhuru Book Fair and Marketplace in Philly

On Sep. 16, the Northern Region of the African People’s Socialist Party – U.S. (APSP) held its annual Uhuru Book Fair and Marketplace in Clark Park, West Philadelphia, PA. This economic institution has been vital in providing African-owned businesses a space where people from the community can come out to shop, connect, and support each other by building dual and contending power against the colonial-capitalist economy.

Chairman Omali headlines

Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the founder and leader of the Uhuru Movement, was the Fair’s keynote speaker, bringing with him his newly published book, “The Verdict is In: Reparations Now!,” which documents the First World Tribunal on Reparations to African People held in Brooklyn, NY in 1982. He spoke to the crowd about the development of the world capitalist economy: “Before the attack on Africa, there was no such thing as a world economy. You had people trading with each other around the world. But the world economy, the creation of a single economy that unites the entire world came through the capture of Africa and the forced enslavement and displacement of black people around the world…

The Uhuru Book Fair and many other economic projects of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund exist to “to defend the human and civil rights of the African community and end the disparities faced by African people in health, healthcare, education, and economic development.” As always, Chairman Omali rallied the crowd of enthusiastic, long-time supporters with shouts of “Uhuru!” and “Hands Off Africa!”

This powerful speech was followed by live performances from local artists in Philly.

The revolution is live

The first live performance of the day was drummer and long-time friend of the Uhuru Book Fair and Flea Market, Karen Smith. With vocal support from Gretchen, the two serenaded the burgeoning crowds with smooth, uplifting tunes. Rhenda Fearrington, singer of the Uhuru Furniture theme song also came out and serenaded the crowd. Comic artist, poet, and long-time vendor, Shawn Alleyne, also graced the stage with his revolutionary poetry.

The dynamic musical performances were followed by local authors showcasing and reading excerpts from their books, the sponsors and educational partners local to Philly. They all work with the Northern Region to make the Book Fair the success that it is. We say, “Don’t just buy black, buy Black Power!” when working to build economic self-determination and dual-contending power. The Uhuru Book Fair and Marketplace is one of the many manifestations of that goal.

Build the One Africa, One Nation Marketplace!

Build an Independent African Economy!

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