Our Standards of Party Life: Who are the members of the African People’s Socialist Party?

The membership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) consists of the most advanced segment of the general African population.
These are people whose social and political consciousness have placed them at the disposal of African people through their organized, disciplined involvement in the struggle for national liberation.
APSP members are people who have voluntarily agreed to adhere to the strict discipline of the APSP based on their agreement with the Party’s program and their understanding of our need for a Party that is united in action.
A person who comes into the Party must abandon all the selfish individualism promoted by the ruling class colonial bosses and become a member of the APSP national liberation offensive, where all personal and individual interests are subordinated to the interests of African people as represented by the APSP.
The solidarity of members of the APSP is not based on feelings, beliefs, personal friendships, etc.

The unity of the members of our Party is based on the decision by members to unselfishly serve the cause of African liberation through active and conscious application of the scientific principles of African Internationalism.
It is a great thing to become a member of the APSP, to join with the millions of African and other oppressed peoples throughout the world on this historic march to freedom and human dignity.
Such a great march demands real discipline and unity of action from all Party members.

Members of the APSP, which is the most advanced and courageous segment of the African colony, willingly and zealously make the sacrifices demanded by our great tasks.
One of the first guidelines in our standards of Party life is the acceptance and understanding of the theory of African Internationalism.
It is only with full understanding and acceptance of our theory and ideology that we can develop the foresightedness and patience necessary to make us into totally committed African freedom fighters.
Education provided through Party literature, political education classes and accompanying suggested reading, and The Burning Spear, aids us in understanding our theory, history, present condition; thus, giving us proper and practical information to allow us the ability to make correct analyses of ours and other peoples’ struggles domestically and internationally.
Therefore education—that of self-education and that which is provided by the Party—is an essential part of Party life, and is a daily task that an African Internationalist must carry out.
A second guideline in our standard of Party life is the total submission to our Party Constitution.
The Constitution provides us with a basic guideline in the functioning of the whole Party, setting restrictions, regulations and rewards, which are vitally necessary for the effective functioning of the Party as a whole.
The Party Constitution provides for a Party unified by specific principles and objectives.

Total submission to our Party Constitution is necessary in order to provide the cohesion necessary to maintain a Democratic-Centralist Party: a Party which provides for democracy under centralized leadership.
It also keeps us free of dishonest and disruptive elements.
Central to this, the most important criterion of loyalty to our Party and African freedom is the active fight for Party policy.
In order to achieve this, it is an absolute responsibility of Party members to take part in discussions of Party policy, be involved in self-criticism and criticism, and adhere to the Rules of Party Discipline.
In doing so, education plays a very instrumental part, in that it allows for an educated membership capable of intelligently fighting for Party policy.
Party members, African Internationalists, must adhere to Party democratic centralism.
Centralism means that our Party has one program and unified rules.
Democracy is the ability to vote on Party policy and leadership.
An important element of democratic centralism and Party discipline is the unconditional subordination of the minority to the majority and of lower Party organizations to the higher ones.
A Party member uses criticism and self-criticism only as a constructive means of correcting errors in order to strengthen the Party.
Never is criticism and self-criticism used as an excuse mechanism which does not correct, but allows occurrence of the same backward errors in an attempt to pull the Party down to the level of the same type of backwardness.
An African Internationalist must not implement policy mechanically but with great political maturity. Study never ends and political growth is infinite.
Discipline is also a very important aspect of Party life. It is a voluntary process dependent upon your commitment.
The process of criticism and self-criticism helps in achieving and maintaining discipline; however, discipline cannot be forced discipline.
The responsibility for living up to Party discipline is dependent on the individual’s commitment to adhere to the General Party Program and to learn from their mistakes.
The Party is a voluntary self-sustaining organization. Therefore, a third function of Party life is the timely payment of membership dues.
Everyone who joins the Party must regularly pay Party dues, thereby providing material aid for the orderly functioning of the Party.
The payment of membership dues appears at first sight to be only an elementary duty of a Party member.
However, it has fundamental significance. If a person does not pay dues regularly, it means they do not have respect for the Party and lack discipline.
A good Party member must be creative, have initiative, innovation and be flexible enough to meet changing situations.
An African Internationalist understands their historical responsibility to the Party in its fight for a free, united, socialist nation of African people.
To be an African Internationalist is a great thing; it is not for everyone to be.
African Internationalists are the politically astute people of our dispersed nation.
The disciplined soldiers of freedom, the energetic, the selfless fighters, the builders of a new society, the leaders of the African masses, these are the necessary qualities of African Internationalists.
The Party is the leader and teacher of the masses. It elaborates the correct political line, defines tasks and directions of the practical work of institutions, coordinates their work and strengthens them with leading personnel.
Only the Party’s leadership is capable of directing the work of struggle against U.S. colonialism and imperialism.
The Party must guard against choking the Party with unstable elements and unsuitable people.
A member of the APSP must have such qualities as theoretical development, knowledge of historical conditions, and the ability to analyze situations and conditions.
Party members must be the most advanced sector of the African masses which pushes forward all other Africans.
Struggle to learn, learn to struggle!
One people, one aim, one party!
Strike a thousand blows for independence!


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