A critique of Macron’s meeting with Addo Akofu and the black diaspora of France

The French President Emmanuel Macron invited President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo to Paris on Thursday, July 11. 
The latter hosted the French president in Accra in December of last year.
Macron also invited a group of hand-picked young petty bourgeois Africans from France.
These are the children of Africans from different places throughout Africa, who came to France as migrant workers, students or refugees since the so-called “independence” of African countries.
The MC at the conference introduced both presidents as leaders of two great countries, which is insane.
France is an oppressor nation—one of the leading predator countries in the world and Akufo is the leader of an oppressed nation—that is the neocolonial country of Ghana.
There is nothing great about that. Furthermore, Ghana has a national budget of about $14 billion for 29 million people compared to the city of Paris, which has a budget of $10 billion for a population of about 2 million people.
According to Bloomberg.com on May 28, 2019: “Ghana’s government debt surged to the highest in at least four years as the West African nation tries to plug a budget gap that’s higher than projected.

“Total debt was at $38.9 billion at the end of March, up 16 percent from a year earlier and the highest since at least March 2015, when the central bank started publishing these numbers in dollars.

“As a percentage of gross domestic product, debt rose to 58 percent in the month compared to 50 percent a year ago. More than half of that are external loans.”

He presides over the blood sucking of Ghana; there is nothing great about that.  
Ghana has no viable economy despite its great resources in terms of oil, gold and bauxite.
Everything is for the benefit of parasitic foreign corporations and their lackeys of black collaborators.
Macron used this opportunity to obscure France’s role in fleecing Africa’s resources with his concept of “partnership “between Africa and Europe, particularly France.
“If I invited you here, it is because I want us to build together. I need you, not just to create a new vision but a new relationship with Africa,” Macron told a room full of entrepreneurs, students and artists as he extolled the virtues of French nationals with “multiple identities.”
Macron was telling a lie live on social media when he added, “We want to work with all of Africa and improve our partnership, and we need ambassadors.
“The diaspora are the best ambassadors we have… We cannot succeed without you,” Macron said. 
“That is what distinguishes us from our competitors. (…) Before our relationship was unbalanced.
“We went to Africa merely to make money without benefitting ordinary Africans.
Today, what we are building is an equal partnership with Africa.”
Let us make it clear that:
1.     France is not our partner, but our oppressor. An imperialist is an imperialist; it has no other vision than to colonially loot our Africa for the development of France and Europe.
2.     There is no new version, France has the control of the money in 14 countries, it has a number of military bases on our land and is involved in war to balkanise Africa in Mali.
3.     The bunch of petty bourgeois Negros he invited at “Champs Elysées” the French equivalent of the white house in the U.S., are not representative of black people in France, who are essentially a working class community.
4.     There will never be an equal relationship between Europe and our Africa without a successful black power revolution and unification of Africa.
Why did Nana Akofu Addo go to France? Surely to secure a deal for himself and the African petty bourgeoisie in Ghana.
In opening his speech, he emphasised that, “An Africa which continues to live the narrative of poverty, hungry children, people going across the Sahara, going in rickety boats and dying in Lampedusa to get to Europe, that Africa is not a narrative that is going to help you over here.”
He continued, “The Chinese diaspora has been able to transform the lives of millions of Chinese, why can we not replicate that same phenomenon on our continent?
“I’m saying to you that when the status of Africa changes, you will see the change in your own situation here in France, you won’t have to beg for anything else.”
Akofu Addo did not say that Chinese outside of China were going home to an independent China ready to consolidate the Chinese nation.
He was calling on Africans in France to accompany French bourgeoisie looting and exploiting enterprise in a daily colonised and humiliated Africa.
This shows that the president of Ghana has no faith in the African masses to change the world ourselves.  
Any legitimate black leader in France must be in solidarity with our people in denouncing the suffering African working class in France, who are relentlessly under police assault in the fight disguised as war on drugs or war on illegal immigrants.
The president of Ghana was quiet on the question of French control of the colonial currency known as CFA and equally silent on the question of French Reparations to black people.  
A divided Africa will never deal with imperialist France on equal footing.
This is what Kwame Nkrumah told us in his speech at the inaugural ceremony of the OAU Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1963, “In dealing with a united Africa, investors will no longer have to weigh with concern the risks of negotiating with governments in one period, which may not exist in the very next period.

Instead of dealing or negotiating with so many separate states at a time they will be dealing with one united government pursuing a harmonized continental policy.”
Nana Akufo Addo is in unity with Macron and all the white power leaders who are opposed to the unification of Africa.
He will rather continue to drown Ghana in accumulating debt with foreign power, that will be passed on the African working class, pushing our conditions of living further down in the scale of unbearable human suffering.
We need to end the foreign imperialist domination and disunity of Africa.
We must fight all imperialists, together as one African people.
France owes us lot not just reparations for past stolen labour but for current looting and stealing of our African resources.
Build to win!

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