Kabila’s regime shut down internet to steal elections

The dying regime of Joseph Kabila is desperate to extend it by all means. On the 1st day of the New Year, 2019, Joseph Kabila’s government shut down the internet network across the entire Republic of Congo─barely two days after his government presided over the most chaotic voting process.

Internet company providers such as Orange, Vodacom, OASIS SPRL, Belgacom International Carrier Services SA and the others have complied with the regime’s request and without outrage from the mainstream media around the world.

The shutting down of internet access since January 1, 2019 would give this foul government more time to advance their cheating schemes and prevent the transfer to the outside world of files of videos that expose their criminality.

There is no freedom under Kabila’s regime. He shut down the internet to fabricate and manipulate results to his own benefit that would allow him to declare his handpicked successor and former interior minister, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary.

Kigali and Kampala regimes are opposed to any government that they can’t control in Kinshasa.

Everyone can see why the Africans in the Congo are absolutely determined to reject this prehistoric capitalist government. This government belongs to the past.

The imperialist press pundits are aware of the total rejection of Joseph Kabila’s rule. His successor can only win if he cheats.

They are not concerned to win the popular votes, since they know that they can’t win in any fair elections. They rely on their military and financial power to seize the elections.

That is the meaning of what Barnabe Kikaya, Kabila’s chief diplomatic adviser told the Financial Times, “There is absolutely no way Mr Shadary can lose” (December 31, 2018, ft.com)

They have been buying voting cards before elections. They torched the warehouse where they claimed voting machines were stored.

According to Financial Times, on December 13, 2018, “The fire destroyed voting materials for 19 of Kinshasa’s 24 constituencies, including 8,000 electronic voting machines.”  

There was no evidence of a single machine burned to be shown to the press.

Kabila belongs to the same club as Kagame in Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda; they will never accept defeat at the ballot box.

Kabila already said that he would die by the bullet, meaning he would not lose power peacefully.

These three neocolonial thugs have the carte blanche; full impunity from white power to do whatever they have to do to keep power.

Kabila came to power to advance the interest of the U.S., Canada, the UK, and EU imperialists

Kabila is not self-made. He is an imperialist creation. Kabila came to power through the January 16, 2001 assassination of then president Laurent Désiré Kabila, his alleged father.

He came to power to advance the interest of the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Joseph Kabila was made president by the U.S. in conditions to allow Kagame’s and Museveni to have unrestricted access to the mineral wealth in the Eastern Congo.

That is how he was able to steal the elections in 2006 against another creation of imperialism Jean-Pierre Bemba and again against Etienne Tshisekedi in 2011.

The same imperialism that has supported Joseph Kabila’s government has imposed a near-absolute silence on Congo’s genocide of over six million people since the overthrow of Mobutu Sese Seko in May 1997.

The shutdown of the internet is consistent with the shutdown by the main mainstream media of truth about Kabila, Kagame and Museveni’s mass murders of war crimes and crimes of genocide in the Congo.

That is how they facilitated the transfers of Congo’s riches to foreign countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

The 2010 United Nations (UN) mapping report was published in its diluted version.

According to Dr. Mukwege, this is the most rigorous investigation carried out by the UN on war crimes in the Congo.

This report identified 617 cases of mass murder that could be identified as crimes of genocide.

Yet no further action from this investigation was taken against the perpetrators whose names remain withheld.

U.S. rulers have worked overtime to keep this report in the draws of the UN’s office.

No press has dared to mobilize the world about this report that exposes crimes in the Congo, crimes funded by the U.S., Canada, the UK, and EU multinationals.

This is a statement of support from both western media and western governments for the three main running dogs of imperialism in the region; Museveni, Kabila and Kagame.

The people of the world are not outraged by the level of inhumanity, in which the Congo has been locked into by imperialism, because the media has shutdown the truth about the genocide in the Congo for over 20 years.

What is at stake in Congo?

The African resources and labor of the Congo are fuelling the technological development and creativity of electronic companies of the world (i.e. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft) and social communication giant such as Google and Facebook.

Just check for yourself the significance of coltan and cobalt─you will understand.

We are in a new period in history. We need African Internationalism in the Congo.

Millions in the masses are mobilized by the African petty bourgeoisie for an imperialist solution.

We must educate and mobilize the same millions of African workers and peasants to turn them to African Internationalism to advance the African Revolution in the Congo and throughout the African Nation.

The people need a viable alternative.

That is the mission of the African People’s Socialist Party for the coming months and years.

The Congo is Calling us Home!

African Internationalists are Responding Yes! We’re going Home!




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