The shot heard around the African world: African Internationalism goes viral!

Amongst future imperialist minions, aspiring neocolonial puppets and an African who self-describes as a “proud anglophile,” Chairman Yeshitela boldly declared, “we are one Africa, one nation and we must have a closer union but in order for that to happen it has to be a revolutionary union!” All whilst dressed in his black and gold Uhuru attire.
For the Chairman of the African Socialist International (ASI), Omali Yeshitela, April of 2019 came with internet stardom.
A momentous presentation by the Chairman was caught on camera January 24, 2019 during the Africa debate at Oxford Union.
Africans all around the world were finally hearing the truth about the world that we experience and our place in said world for the first time.
From Nigeria to Jamaica and the UK to Germany, Africans are praising the Chairman’s statements: “This man has spoken volumes of truth with the facts of history. I salute you sir, and may your voice echo into the future.”
Thousands of comments and shares about the Chairman’s introduction to African Internationalism to Africans all around the world in search of a solution to our oppressive situation has brought forth nearly two million views.
The Chairman’s presentation at the Oxford Union has sparked a timely conversation between Africans around the world—those at home and abroad, about what it means to be a colonized African in the world today and what must be done too seek liberation from the death-grip imperialism placed on us 600 years ago.
The false narrative of Africa and African people and our relationship to imperialism proves to be the deceptive jostle of the bourgeoisie.
Chairman Yeshitela pointedly explains, “It is necessary to keep Africa divided by European imperialism and by all the imperialism, in order to continue to suck the resources from Africa…to bring clean water to Amsterdam while the people of Sierra Leone do not have clean water…to pave the streets of London when the streets of Sierra Leone are not paved.”
However, Chairman Yeshitela unapologetically defined the underdevelopment of Africa as a consequence of modern day Europe and Europeans’ attack on the motherland.
Flora Shaw, mistress and soon-to-be-wife of Frederick Lugard, allegedly entitled the now Nigeria, “Nigger-area” in 1915. The Portuguese defined Africans as shrimp-people in Cameroon (Portuguese for shrimp). This false national consciousness has been imposed on Africans, proving that African Internationalism is the only contending theory that can provide solutions to the conditions plaguing African people all over the planet.
The invitation for Chairman Yeshitela to participate in the formal debates at Oxford could not have come at a better time.
A comment on Facebook expressed, “I am proud of you sir. If we all can stand up with our voices like you, then Africa will be a better place for all of us. Sir, I appreciate your work, and I am deeply pleased.”
The Chairman’s dynamic presentation at Oxford Union was more than mere debate tactics and highfalutin formalities; it was a call to every freedom-loving African in the room to join the African Revolution—to join the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP)!
If imperialism was on its deathbed before Chairman Yeshitela deemed the African Revolution to be the only solution to the “[destruction of] imperialism and the world economy responsible for the growing immiserating of the masses,” then surely its defeat is imminent.
African Internationalism has gone viral! The African Revolution is alive. Freedom is on the horizon. Africans and other colonized and oppressed peoples must begin making the funeral arrangements to lay imperialism to rest whilst constructing a new world free of oppression and under a united socialist Africa—in our lifetime.

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