France uses arrest of Roger Lumbala as a cover up to hide their own interests and crimes in Africa

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The infamous yet insignificant Roger Lumbala, neocolonial politician from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was arrested in Paris on December 29, 2020 by the Central Office for Combatting Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and War Crimes (OCLCH). He’s been charged with “complicity in crimes against humanity.”

This OCLCH is an institution of the French gendarmerie, run from the ministry of French interior. It is clearly an arm of the white French power State made up of gendarmes, cops and agents made available by the ministry of the armed forces.

According to its website, it claims to have expertise in the fight against the most serious international crimes and against hatred and intolerance towards members of certain groups.

However, most of the people on the planet are not from Congo and have never heard of Roger Lumbala. How significant is he? Why him when we know that war and genocide in the Congo were funded militarily and economically by the U.S. ruling class and its western allies?

Who is Roger Lumbala?

Roger Lumbala Tshitenga is a Congolese politician who rose to leadership as a leader of RCD-N—one of the many organizations controlled by Uganda neocolonialist Yoweri Museveni in Congo—in the war to overthrow Laurent Désiré Kabila and impose U.S. hegemony in the region between 1998 and 2002.

Over five million Africans were killed directly or indirectly by this war. Up to now no one significant has paid for it.

Roger Lumbala is a creation of the U.S. process of placing Ugandan and Rwandan neocolonial mercenary States in charge of DR Congo.

This process required the replacement of Kabila, who after one year in power was no longer as malleable a puppet as they hoped he would be.

Roger Lumbala is the creation of that U.S. war with a full military invasion on August 2, 1998 under the cover of Rwandan and Ugandan mercenary armies.

Every “war crime, war of genocide and crime against humanity” committed by Roger Lumbala had the support and backing of the U.S. government and neocolonial governments of Rwanda and Uganda.

Roger Lumbala Tshitenga is nothing but a petty bourgeois opportunist who achieved significance in the U.S. and Britain’s war to maintain white power’s death grip on Congo’s vast strategic mineral resources such as coltan, gold, tin and more.

Lumbala is a not an exception. He is a concrete example of an African petty bourgeoisie leader with no loyalty to Africa and black people.

If you wanted to be somebody in neocolonial Congo, you had to accept the United States’ anti-African plan, implemented under the supervision of Yoweri Museveni or Rwandan neocolonialist Paul Kagame’s leadership over Congo.

The U.S. wanted a petty bourgeoisie who are more docile than Mobutu whom the U.S. helped to overthrow in May 1997 after 32 years of loyal service to white power.

France has said nothing on the role of the U.S., Britain, Kagame or Museveni. France is not innocent. It is part of the problem too.

France fought a proxy war against the U.S. to win neocolonial control over Rwanda. This proxy war is the immediate origin of the genocide in Rwanda.

The question is who is going to put France on trial? Certainly not the French Central Office for Combatting Crimes Against Humanity.

Who are the beneficiaries of the economy of genocide and war crimes in DR Congo?

The main beneficiaries of the war crimes and genocide in Congo is the parasitic capitalist system, notably the electronic sector that dominates the capitalist economy.

The beneficiaries are the multinational corporations such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft in the U.S.; Samsung in Korea; Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi in Japan; Huawei, Lenovo, Haier and Hisense in China; Safran, Sonepar, Schneider electronics in France.

We can name more in each leading parasitic capitalist economy in Europe.

The war was not just for coltan and gold, but all others minerals. This benefit extends to all aspects of the capitalist economy, there is just not enough space in the context of this article to explore the expansive impact.

In Africa, the current ruling classes in Rwanda and Uganda are also the beneficiaries of the crimes against humanity in Congo.

It does not make sense to arrest Lumbala when Museveni and Kagame who carried out the U.S. plan in Congo are free and have neocolonial power to commit more crimes in Congo in their service to the parasitic capitalist economy.

Without arresting Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, there cannot be justice for Africans in the Congo. The latter is still today the special adviser to Paul Kagame.

France, the U.S. and most of the NATO powers support the petty bourgeois faction under the leadership of Félix Tshisekedi against the faction led by Joseph Kabila.

French rulers only arrest Roger Lumbala to advance France’s interests

The French and the white European bourgeois press at large are using Lumbala’s arrest to furiously spread the lie that France is against impunity for the genocide that western powers under the leadership of the United States have imposed on us in DR Congo in the last 25 years via the mercenary neocolonial armies of Museveni and Kagame.

We start from the point of the view that modern France is the creation of colonial enslavement of Africa and African people in the Americas.

The French revolution and industrialization are some of the most important white successes that cannot exist without the aggression and colonization of Africa by France and other white nation State powers.

The French bourgeoisie cannot rule without associating itself with the African petty bourgeoisie In an obviously unequal partnership. The white man is the boss, the ruler in this relationship.

France needs more of the likes of Roger Lumbala Tshitenga. France was a key supporter of Mobutu’s 32 years of tyrannic rule over Congo.

France may use this arrest to obscure its role in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire where they have flagrantly united with a local petty bourgeoisie who have violated their own country’s constitution that forbid a third presidential term in office.

It is in France that some of the fortunes stolen in Africa by neocolonial African presidents supported by France against the will of African people are stored.

We want our own court run by international Black Power!

There is no Black Power without a successful worldwide Black Revolution!


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