Flint water “crisis” is a crime of genocide

Flint, Michigan is a city with an African population that makes up over 50% of the city’s total population.

African people began migrating to Flint from the southern U.S. in large numbers for jobs and a grain of freedom after WWII only to have their descendants live through another kind of terror–biological warfare.

The African people of Flint began suffering from headaches, psychological problems, skin lesions, legionnaire’s disease and death due to the poisonous water they have been drinking.

The colonial officials of Flint made a conscious decision to switch the city’s water supply from the city of Detroit’s Water Treatment facility–which was not the ideal water supply to begin with–to the water from the Flint river in April of 2014.

The decision was made 7 to 1 by Flint city council and approved by then mayor Dayne Walling. Then city manager Ed Kurtz also approved the switch to corrosive water.

Shortly after making the decision to poison the people of Flint, city manager Ed Kurtz was removed from the position and Darnell Early was brought in.

Early–a petty bourgeois African official–went along with the plan as he dared not challenge colonial agendas.

For his compliance in the poisoning of his own people, Early was rewarded by getting appointed as Emergency Manager of Detroit Schools.

The water corrosiveness was known and colonial officials were well aware that the city’s pipes were old and made of lead–which would leach into the city’s water supply.

Flint’s water was also under the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) at the time who were aware that the water needed extra treatment to keep from poisoning the people but made reports to Flint stating otherwise.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report on the “looming crisis” in June of 2015 but did not send the memo to the city of Flint until November 2015. There are so many responsible parties in this crime against humanity that one can only conclude it is an organized effort.

The poisoning of Flint’s water is no accident.

The colonial government of Flint wants to flush out the African people so that they can capitalize on the dirt cheap property left behind by the fall of Michigan’s auto industry.

This is re-gentrification via biological warfare. There is no way these murderers were unaware of the factors that lead to what they are calling a “crisis”.

The poisoning of the city of Flint is really the perfect crime because capitalism’s death-grip was the perfect partner.

It is the evil and greedy pimping of mother nature that leaves African people at the mercy of white supremacists for what belongs to all that walk the earth–water.

The water quality of most African communities throughout the u.s.–is poor and causes sickness and death among the people. There is no secret that chemicals such as fluorine, arsenic, aluminum, pesticides and more in most city’s tap water and African people pay the price.

Corporations take full advantage of this issue in true capitalist fashion. They bottle the water that is actually drinkable and sell to the people.

Working class African families cannot typically afford to buy the amount of drinkable water needed to keep them healthy in addition to paying water and utility bills.

African families shouldn’t have to pay corporate snakes for the stolen resources that belong to humanity such as water. They would steal and charge for air if they could.

Sending water to Flint gives a small amount of relief to those suffering in Flint but it ultimately to fatten the pockets of those who have created this situation to begin with.

Africans worldwide have limited access to clean water due to colonialism

As terrible as the water crisis is in Flint, unfortunately, this is nothing new in African communities all around the world. Africans worldwide struggle to find clean drinking water.

Many of our brothers and sisters on the Continent walk miles to find water sources like streams, ponds and wells to bring water home.

Unfortunately, the water they find is often unclean and filled with bacteria that leads to diseases.

On other parts of the Continent, wells that have been providing people with water for hundreds of years are starting to disappear and the animals that provide food for the Africans in that region are starting to die off due to the environmental effects of colonialism.

The Mau Forest in Kenya once provided a major watersource for the African population until imperialists and colonialists started deforestation to deepen their claws in Africa.

Colonial settlers are cutting down trees to build their houses in the Mau Forest. They are destroying Africa’s biggest water source.

The disruption of the forest and destruction of the trees cause major soil erosion and pollutes the rivers.

Clean water is necessary for crops and farm animals to thrive. Our African brothers and sisters on the Continent are dependent on these crops and animals for survival.

Colonialism has created a downward spiral for Mother Africa and her African population. Illegal settlers of our continent have brought nothing but expropriation and looting of her resources, as well as enslavement, exploitation and genocide to our people.

Africans Charge Genocide!

The deadly colonial and imperial systems must be overturned in order to stop its effects on Africans worldwide.

The International Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) has a campaign “Africans Charge Genocide” to petition the UN to charge the U.S. government with crimes of genocide against African people in the United States.

Sign and share the AfricansChargeGenocide.org petition today!


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