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Nyabinga Dzimbahwe


Chairman Omali indicted, added to Ukrainian hit list by CIA

The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) has recently learned that CIA-backed forces have added Chairman Omali Yeshitela to a Ukraine-based hit list. The list...

Flint water “crisis” is a crime of genocide

There are so many responsible parties in this crime against humanity that one can only conclude it is an organized effort.

Challenging Cuba as the violator of black people’s rights? Really?

What I am struck by is how these Africans are able to step over all of the attacks against African people that they can see before them in the U.S. and, instead of writing a statement to Obama demanding an end to them, go all the way to Cuba to address contradictions that I’d bet most of them know nothing about.

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov. 27, 2009: The love and dignity of Salone

Well, I only have a couple days left here in Salone (Sierra Leone), and I already miss being home in Africa. It's difficult --...

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov. 21, 2009: Student strike, police lockdown make college event impossible

I'm just now getting to write again because our generator has been down for a few days which meant I couldn't charge my phone...

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov. 19, 2009: Thieves

Well, it hasn't been 24 hours since the end of the conference, and I almost just got locked up by the Freetown police. This...

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov 21, 2009: On the Road to Makeni – Home of Uhuru Radio FM

We're on the drive to Makeni now. Makeni is a real strategic place in Sierra Leone in terms of politics. It is the place...

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov. 24, 2009: Uhuru Radio launch a success!

The Uhuru Radio launch event went great! Chairman Omali Yeshitela lit a fire in the audience of about 300 people with standing room only. APSP-SL Chair...

Update from Sierra Leone on Nov. 18, 2009

Experiencing the launching conference of the African People's Socialist Party of Sierra Leone (APSP-SL), I am certain that the era of Africa's liberation has...

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