The Uhuru Movement sees wins in Brooklyn

On Saturday, February 6, 2016, the New York forces of The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement attended the First Saturday’s event at The Brooklyn Museum to raise awareness of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s (InPDUM) African Charge Genocide petition and sell The Burning Spear newspaper.

The event was the first outreach event for most of the NY forces. The forces were excited to hit the streets and do the work.

Wearing their “Black Power Matters” beanies to represent their unity, the New York forces arrived at the museum with their table and supplies expecting to set up outside the venue.

Upon speaking with an admissions manager, InPDUM was allowed to go to the Interactive Space where there were African “social justice” groups. The ideology of InPDUM was notably different, as we are revolutionaries and not reformists.

Day and Riaan did outreach outside the event along with solidarity member Marine. They sold The Spear and got signatures to the petition. This was a strategic move to approach people as they were entering the museum.
Marine received reparations payments from a couple white attendees to the museum. The comrades outside quickly ran out of Spears and had to return inside to re-stock their back packs.

Inside the museum, there was a steady stream of Africans—both young and old, some dressed in African garments, wearing head wraps and face paint—flowing to our table to engage with comrades Keino, Day, Riaan, Oteka, Oronde, and new comrade Tatiana.

InPDUM NY leadership Oteka and the rest of the comrades explained to the masses that the purpose of the ACG campaign is to petition the UN to charge the U.S. government with crimes of genocide against African people in the States.

The Africans who stopped by our table united with the petition campaign and readily signed it.

The New York comrades also offered political education to the masses of the reality that we face as Africans in this colonial system. The people were receptive to our revolutionary message.

Many expressed interest in the APSP as well as The Burning Spear and wrote their names down on the various sign-up sheets.

Some Africans in attendance eagerly signed up to join InPDUM or to gain more clarity on how they can further the Revolution.

At one point during our outreach, there was a small line at our table, as people gathered to hear our revolutionary message of African Internationalism.

The forces sold 65 Spears and received over 230 signatures for the Africans Charge Genocide petition. So many Africans signed the petitions that we ran out and comrade Keino had to use his own iPad to get the attendees to sign online. This was all accomplished in a matter of a few hours.

All of the New York forces came away from the outreach event with a new-found spark! They are even more inspired to do the work of the African Revolution and are already planning their next outreach event for African Martyrs’ Day on February 21, 2016.

This was a huge victory for InPDUM and the APSP. Our goal for New York is to grow the Party and its organizations, as well as spread the science of African Internationalism.

Forward the Revolution!

Join InPDUM, visit!

Join APSP, visit!

We Are Winning!


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