New young Secretary of The Burning Spear!

This 23-year-old industrial welder was recently accepted into the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), but she had originally made the decision to dedicate her life to the African Revolution and join the Party at the APSP Plenary on January 9, 2016.

Olivia first learned of the Uhuru Movement and the APSP through Gazi Kodzo’s social media pages, and even commented that she wanted to grow the Movement in Houston, TX.

AAPDEP leadership Aisha Fields then reached out to her and connected her with AAPDEP representative, Omowale Kefing.

Olivia has proven herself to be a dedicated force who is “available to do whatever needs to be done” in order to forward the African Revolution.

Evans has stepped up to get the proper training necessary to be able to write various articles that needed to be written.

She also took on the role to oversee and update the site by posting new articles every Tuesday.

The new Secretary is a powerful Party member, and we are thrilled to have her play this critical role.

We are excited to observe her growth, and have her make The Burning Spear’s production even more efficient!

Join the Spear Production team! Visit!

Forward the Revolution!

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