Uhuru Movement

Oakland Uhuru Movement on the move again!

OAKLAND, CA.—The historic Uhuru Movement for black power is expanding its Oakland institutions for African community economic development programs that have served the people for the past 30 years!



African Internationalism: “We are Africans because we say we are!”

We can say, therefore, that the African nation is one born of its historical ties to its African national homeland, with a core sense of sameness that includes a common culture, history and physiognomy.

Philly is Sierra Leone! Smash Colonial Violence! Forum in Philadelphia, June 27, 7pm

SMASH COLONIAL VIOLENCE! Police occupation in Philly murders 5 Africans in 1 week! Police massacred African workers in Sierra Leone during strike! THURS  JUNE 27 •7pm Uhuru Solidarity Center 3733...

The Burning Spear is ours!

Since its 1968 founding, The Burning Spear newspaper has been the foremost voice of political and material support for the world's oppressed and exploited...

AAPDEP’s 5th ward community garden gets makeover

HOUSTON - A few months ago, our local All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) unit reported to Uhuru News that AAPDEP’s 5th...

Why health-conscious vegans should take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

The city of Philadelphia, known for its active night life and sidewalk cafes featuring every type of food imaginable, also houses the district with...

Why disabled people should take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

As a child with cerebral palsy, I experienced severe isolation from white society.   My first memory was being locked in a room at a stranger's...