Forward to the July Cadre Development School 2016!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL––More than 50 members of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) will convene in July to attend the Party’s Cadre Development School.  

The “Best Son’s and Daughter’s of Africa” will receive ideological, political and organizational training at our Party headquarters.

They are coming to this especially important Party training from throughout the African world.

Party members will travel to St. Petersburg from the U.S. Caribbean, Africa and Europe to acquire greater skills to advance the African revolution from the various fronts of our oppression and exploitation which has confined us since the advent of white power and parasitic capitalism.

The July 2016 Cadre Development School is especially important because of the great influx of recruits who are joining our Party during this period of escalating crisis of imperialism.

Political education is not new to the APSP

Political education and cadre development are a critical component of the work of our Party. We promote regular studies of our newspaper, The Burning Spear, by all members of our Party and Movement.

There are also weekly studies that I conduct for hundreds of Party members worldwide most Sunday mornings.

Different constituent organizations of the Party also conduct political education and trainings, regularly. The Department of Agitation and Propaganda (Agitprop), responsible for the political and ideological development of the entire Party, Movement and masses in general, also conducts frequent trainings.

The point is that political education and ideological training are not new to our Party. Nor is the month-long Party Cadre Development School new.

The last one we conducted was in 2014 and included Africans from Kenya, Sierra Leone, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

There is a greater urgency to the question of ideological, political and organizational training now because of the great influx of new members coming into our Party, some of whom have little or no prior political and organizational experience and limited ideological training, but who, nevertheless, have enthusiastically assumed leading roles in our Party.

The African People’s Socialist Party is a revolutionary Party. Our purpose is to lead the struggle to liberate and unite Africa and African people worldwide under the authority of a revolutionary African working class.

We are preparing to win and we are preparing to govern.

The Revolution is everything

Many of the new recruits to our Party are young, extraordinarily talented and enthusiastic Africans. They, however, are victims of the defeat of our Black Revolution of the Sixties that saw revolutionary leaders of the era jailed and murdered, our organizations destroyed and their members dispersed.

These young recruits have only experienced opportunist politics, uninfluenced by revolutionary theory and subject to the excitement of the moment. They are victims of a new era where the “Movement is everything and the Revolution, nothing.”

Making revolution requires a special kind of organization and a special kind of membership, guided by advanced revolutionary theory and united under revolutionary principles that demand unity of theory and practice.

Revolution is not a demonstration. It is not an event. Revolution is a process and the African revolution is one of the least understood revolutions in the world. It is generally misidentified, misdirected, ideologically shallow and politically isolated.

For the most part, there is little discussion of revolution occurring in most places in the world and certainly none for, and led by, African people for our liberation and the emancipation of our entire Continent and forcibly dispersed nation under the leadership of the African working class.


Neocolonialism—white power in black face—has been the generally accepted political condition suffered by Africa and Africans since 1963 when the Organization of African Unity (OAU) formally codified this geopolitical arrangement as the bourgeois alternative to a totally liberated and united Africa for which Kwame Nkrumah and a few other leaders fought.

Neocolonialism is the highest expression of African opportunism. It is the class-selfish response by the African petty bourgeoisie to the long-term interests of the dispersed African nation for total liberation, unification and socialism.

The African People’s Socialist Party, internationally, is the only Party in the world that is preparing to seize and wield power.

We are the only revolutionary African Party in the world that is preparing to thrust the African working class into our proper role as the new ruling class of Africa and the African nation.

We are the only African Party in the world that is preparing to govern.

The U.S. and most “liberal democracies” promote a worldview steeped in liberalism, one that promotes non-struggle or inconclusive struggle that fails to overturn the colonial-capitalist system that plagues Africa, Africans and the whole of humanity.

We are socialists

Individuals coming into our Party have much to unlearn.

We have to unlearn liberalism and fear of responsibility, hatred of self-leadership and discipline. We have to unlearn a fear of theory and a willingness to desert a strategic trajectory for the thrill of an action that only offers an adrenaline high.

Our Party is building and already controlling African working class-led economic institutions that are incipient components of an independent, international anti-colonial, pre-socialist economy for Africa and African people.

Socialism is that point on the road to a classless society where the working class becomes the collective owners of the means of production, of the entire capacity to produce the food, clothing and shelter necessary for our survival and advancement.

Our Party is not waiting for the revolution to build the African workers’ economy. We are doing it now. And, to do so we need revolutionary cadres.

Who will preside over the new, independent revolutionary economy if not our people and class who have been fully trained to carry out this crucial task?

Cadres are necessary for revolutionary victory!

African revolutionaries must learn how to be revolutionaries. We are not born with an understanding of the art and science of revolution.

This is what the 2016 African People’s Socialist Party’s Cadre Development School is all about.

We have a newspaper to produce and take to the masses of our people and radio stations to manage. We have substantial economic industries to run and others to build across the globe.

We have political organizations around the world that will benefit tremendously by involvement of growing numbers of dedicated, trained cadres.

The 2016 APSP Cadre Development School must carry out the undertaking of cadre development that I called for in our Fifth Congress Political Report in 2010:

“Cadres must be taught to understand that the Party is everything without which our people will be left with another 500 years of misery…If there is to be independence, unification and socialism in our lifetime it will be because our Party, deeply united in our mission, is successful.

“This cannot happen with an organization of whining self-serving, individualistic members incapable of seeing beyond their own real or perceived pain of genius.”

We have to build the Cadre Development School because, in the final analysis, cadres—human beings willing and capable of leading the African nation and working class to revolutionary victory—are key to our victory.

We have to build the 2016 Cadre Development School because we must win! Because we are winning!

Forward to the July Cadre Development School 2016!

Help to build revolutionary Cadre! Donate to our Cadre School!


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