3 Drowned Black Girls Campaign: The Uhuru Movement interrupts sheriff “Killer” Bob’s cocktail party!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL––The St. Pete branch of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), as forewarned, initiated one of a battery of protests in resistance to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department’s drowning murder of three teenage African girls––Dominique Battle (16), Ashaunti Butler (15) and La’Niyah Miller (15).

This direct action was ignited at a private cocktail party and white nationalist electoral fundraiser in the white enclave of Clearwater, FL for senate nominee David Jolly––hosted by none other than the infamous sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Known as “Killer Bob” by many of the African residents of Pinellas County, sheriff “Killer Bob” Gualtieri presides over the regime of police officers directly responsible for the deaths of these three young African girls, and numerous other murders and acts of terror faced daily by African youth colonized within U.S. borders.

What began as a militant rallying call for revolutionary political action on the part of all who oppose the occupying presence of the colonial State’s police in our working class African communities and the abject poverty that is a consequence of centuries of domestic terrorism and colonialism, quickly evolved into an insurgent direct confrontation with the murderous, slanderous sheriff Killer Bob himself.

Led by comrade Gazi Kodzo, President of the local St. Pete InPDUM branch, Uhuru Movement forces were unleashed and waged powerful and principled struggle for our slain and slandered African girls.

The powerful struggle which was waged is worthy of the support and emulation of the masses of those with a love and passion for true freedom and genuine social justice.

It wasn’t the first, and most certainly won’t be the last initiative in the campaign for Justice for Dominique, Ashaunti and La’Niyah.

We encourage you to follow this fierce campaign and join in the demand for the immediate resignation of sheriff “Killer Bob” Gualtieri!

We demand reparations to the families of Dominique Battle, Ashaunti Butler and La’Niyah Miller, Black Community Control of the Police and the criminal persecution of all officers involved in the March 31, 2016 murder of these three African girls!

Fist Up! Fight Back!

Black Power Matters!

Uhuru In our lifetime!

Donate to our campaign today!

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