The Cadre Development School is in full swing!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL––Forty-five Cadres of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSP) have convened at our Party’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida for the 2016 Cadre Development School.

Our dynamic group of Cadres will be participating in this revolutionary-building school, which is being held at the Uhuru House during the entire month of July!

The Cadre Development School will morph our comrades––who have come to St. Pete from all over the world––giving us organizational skills which we will take back to our respective regions and build the African Liberation Movement.

The CDS has been in full swing for five days. So far, we have had an African Naming Ceremony, where a number of our comrades received our African Names from Chairman Omali, Luwezi Kinshasa and Omowale Kefing. This was a very moving ceremony which brought our comrades even closer together.

Mo’ Fire!

On top of gaining organizational skills, our comrades are deepening our understanding of revolutionary theory. We are also participating in physical training such as yoga and weight lifting.

John Thomas and Shango Kofi, trainers of the Tyron Lewis gym and participants of the Cadre Development School, are doing an exceptional job or whipping the comrades into shape, revolutionary style. On the first day, they informed us that the only remedy for the fire that we feel in our muscles during a workout is “mo’ fire.”

At this morning’s strength training, the comrades did squats and deadlifts. Some of us even deadlifted much more than our own body weight! We really impressed ourselves and each other, as some of us were unsure that we could do such strenuous workouts.


We are in the cocoon stage of our revolutionary metamorphosis, as Secretary General of the APSP Gaida Kambon explained to us. We are learning, being molded and growing as revolutionaries, not just our minds, but our bodies as well.

We will emerge as revolutionary butterflies after these 30 days are complete. Each comrade is excited and looking forward to our development and growth.

We will be updating our Spear readers on a daily basis! So come back daily for updates!


Forward the metamorphosis!

Forward the Cadre Development School!

Build the Revolution!


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