Welcome new National Central Committee leaders


On behalf of The Burning Spear newspaper, our staff and the African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP), I want to welcome comrades Herdosia Bentum, Gazi Kodzo and Jevon Gee to the Editorial Board of the oldest, continuously published revolutionary African newspaper in existence.


Bentum, Kodzo and Gee are the newest additions to the Partys Central Committee which constitutionally brings them onto the Editorial Board of The Spear. I also congratulate these comrades for their elevation to leadership to the great African Peoples Socialist Party.


Comrade Herdosia Bentum from the St. Louis-Ferguson area was brought onto the Central Committee with her appointment by Chairman Omali Yeshitela as President of the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) at the 2015 Convention in Chicago.


InPDUM is a mass organization of the African Peoples Socialist Party whose President is appointed to the Central Committee of the Party, as opposed to being elected by the Party membership at Congresses. Congratulations Comrade Herdosia. You have brought a tremendous fighting spirit to your Party!


Comrade Gazi Kodzo from the Atlanta, Georgia area was brought onto the Central Committee at the October 2015 quarterly meeting of the Central committee in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Comrade Kodzo will serve as the Director of Recruitment and Membership. Comrade Kodzo already has a regular column (Gazi Script) in The Burning Spear newspaper and brings an abundance of revolutionary energy to his new post. Congratulations Comrade Gazi: No Surrender! No Compromise!


Comrade Jevon Gee who hails from the Chicago, Illinois area was also brought onto the leading Party body at the October 2015 Central Committee meeting. Comrade Gee will serve as the Director and Agitation and Propaganda.


Comrade Gee brought with him a tremendous amount of expertise in audio/visual and cyber technical skills. Congratulations Comrade Gee! You are in charge of disseminating the worldview of African Internationalism that will free African people worldwide.


The national offices of Director of Recruitment and Membership along with the Director of Agitation and Propaganda will both have to be voted on by the full Party Congress set for 2018.


Lets get to work!
Build the Party!
Win the Revolution!


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