Trump aligns with Obama’s agenda in bombing Syria!

Donald Trump, the billionaire U.S. president, who during his campaign said that regime change in Syria would not be his top priority and called for cooperation with Russia to fight ISIS/AL Qaida and associated “Islamist Jihadists” groups, stunned the world by launching an unprovoked attack of 59 tomahawk missiles against Syria’s Shayrat military air base in April 2017.

There has not been any evidence to support the U.S. accusations of the chemical attacks by the Syrian government, the alleged reason for the U.S. attack.

Allegedly, 23 missiles hit their targets, which suggests that 36 missed their targets or were destroyed by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. We know that Russia has provided Syria with latest anti-missiles capabilities in terms of S400.

The bourgeois press is quiet about the targets of those 36 missiles.

Syrian authorities reported four soldiers killed, two soldiers missing in action and three civilians killed. MiG (Russian) jet fighters were also reported damaged.

Nevertheless, Assad’s Syrian military was able to use the bombed airport the following day to resume its attacks on its enemies.

Russian authorities admitted that the U.S. warned them two hours prior to the attack. The damage has been done; Russia has suspended the military cooperation that existed between the two military powers in the region, making the risk of military confrontation over Syria even more possible.

The Trump administration’s contradictory policy came just days after Nikki Haley, his ambassador to the UN, said, “[y]ou pick and choose your battles and when we’re looking at this, it’s about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.” (

This was stark difference from former U.S. president Barack Obama who stated in November 2015, that he was unable to “foresee a situation in which we can end the civil war in Syria while Assad remains in power.”

In the end, Trump capitulated to a sector of the bourgeoisie that wants to escalate tensions with Russia and is growing influence around the world.

The U.S. government uses lies to violate international law

The U.S. administration bombarded us with unimaginable lies of the use of chemical weapons. James Mattis, the U.S defense secretary said, “I have personally reviewed the intelligence and there is no doubt the Syrian regime is responsible for the decision to attack and for the attack itself.” (Washington

It is absurd for the United States to speak out against chemical attacks.

The U.S. is only power to have used, up to this very moment, atomic bombs on another country, causing the death of millions of Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The U.S. used 20 million gallons of Agent Orange (an herbicide and defoliant chemical) in warfare against Vietnam that continues to cause deaths and births defects of Vietnamese today.

The Russian government has explained the possible causes of chemical attack: “either it was staged or an underground [so-called rebel] storage facility was hit by the Syrian army.”

Sacha Llorenti, the Bolivian representative at the UN security council, opened a session called for by Bolivian president Morales, blasting U.S. hypocrisy:

“While we were discussing the need for an independent investigation, an impartial investigation, a complete investigation into these attacks, the United States has become the investigator, has become the prosecutor, has become the judge, has become the jury.

“So, where is the investigation which would allow us to establish in an objective manner who is responsible for the attack?”

Llorenti also reminded the Security Council that on February 5, 2003, Colin Powell, the U.S. secretary of state, lied in the UN security council meeting by saying that he had evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Llorenti then asked, “[a]fter that invasion there were 1 million deaths, and it launched a series of atrocities in that region. Could we talk about ISIS if that invasion had not taken place?

“Could we be talking about this series of horrendous attacks in various parts of the world, had this illegal invasion not taken place? I believe it’s vital for us to remember what history teaches us.”

Who benefited from the U.S. attacks on Syria?

As evidenced by his poor performance in the polls, it is obvious that Trump is unable to dominate the domestic agenda while the bourgeois press is accusing him of collaborating with Russian enemies during the U.S. presidential elections.

He lost general Michael Flynn to that and he wants to show that he is more decisive than former neocolonialist U.S. president Barack Obama.

President Assad, who was on the offense since his army successfully recaptured Aleppo last December, has nothing to gain in using chemical attacks in Syria.

It does not make sense that he would so easily provide a pretext for his enemies to attack him when he has the upper hand; especially while U.S. crimes are being exposed in Mosul, Iraq.

The primary beneficiaries are the U.S. rulers, both democrats and republicans and their allies inside NATO, who want war against Russia, China, and North Korea. They want to maintain the U.S. unipolar domination of the world at all cost.

Trump can use this aggression of Syria to cover for the massacres by the U.S. army in Mosul, Iraq, where thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered by indiscriminate bombings from the U.S.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the key war financiers of the Jihadists, may have something to celebrate, but the truth is that Jihadists are on the retreat with devastating consequences for all their backers.

Qatar’s project of having “Muslim brotherhood” in power in Egypt and the surrounding region has not worked, and Saudi Arabia’s barbaric aggression of Yemen is facing fierce resistance, draining the Saudi’s financial coffers.

Turkey, despite being a member of NATO, has its own interests to defend that require president Erdogan to make a deal with Russia. This makes it difficult for Turkey to remain a safe haven for Jihadists as before during their attacks against Syria.

For DAECH and Al Qaida Jihadists, the benefit is more ideological than physical or strategic. They are not going to regain Aleppo and come to power in Syria.

Trump may win some positive ratings in the polls, but will surely lose credit amongst his own white nationalist supporters to whom he has just lied.

Russia has suspended military cooperation with the U.S. over Syria. This means that the U.S. and their allies’ airplanes would be vulnerable to the Russian-built anti-aircraft S400 missiles.

The balance of power can’t be changed simply because Trump wishes, but only if the axis of resistance, which includes Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and a Syria-backed Yemen, is defeated.

Syrian resistance to U.S. imperialism is winning Assad millions of Muslims supporters around the world.

Trump’s imperialism is a permanent threat to world peace

U.S. imperialism is a threat to the world’s peace regardless of who is in the white house. Every president’s budget has been a war budget.

The sharp military budget increase announced by Trump is conformity with that tradition. Although Trump’s historical budget increase reflects white imperialist power in crisis and decline; it can no longer impose its will on the world.

Russia and its alliances from China to Iran are opposed to U.S. hegemonic domination of the world.

Who has a budget for world aggression? These figures speak for themselves. The annual U.S. military budget is $600 billion compared to Russia’s $70 billion and China’s $140 billion.

Even in Europe, significant sectors of the ruling class want to have their own relationship with Russia and China and will not shed tears for the decline of the U.S.

Imperialist press like to use North Korea missile tests and the Russia repossession of Crimea from Ukraine to cover up the U.S. continuous war efforts of encirclements to obscure the U.S. agenda of war against Russia and China.

The U.S. has over 700 military bases around the world. Where are the Russian, Chinese, and Syrian military bases around the world?

They have imposed sanction after sanction on Russia, they have surrounded Russia with NATO military bases and they are carrying out military drills at Russia’s borders at alarming rates.

The opposite is not true. There is no evidence of Russia carrying out military drills at U.S. borders or surrounding U.S. with military bases.

This is not a new cold war. There is nothing cold about mass murders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Congo today.

The U.S. is fighting for its very survival as the leader of the imperialist world order. The U.S. is threatening to trigger a nuclear world war, more precisely a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia.

The alliance between Russia, Syria and Iran has prevented the collapse of Syria. The U.S. and its allies are not going to seize the vast field of oil and gas in the Middle East.

The U.S is digging its own grave in the Middle East!

Victory to Syria against U.S imperialism!

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