SOILdarity Houston: Help save the 5th Ward Community Garden!

HOUSTON–What is SOILdarity? It is unity with the land. It is our connection to our environment and ancestors.

It is how we feed and heal ourselves as the African working class. For the past seven years, the All African People’s Development Project (AAPDEP) 5th Ward Community Garden has been a staple in a community that is practically shut off from access to fresh produce.

The Garden sits on a 4,950 square feet lot at 3707 Brill Street, located in the historic 5th Ward district in Houston, Texas.

Members of AAPDEP have planted wholesome, nutritious vegetables for the community to consume. This includes the local senior population who, with the help of our members, harvest the produce free of charge.

The AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden also serves as an educational institution for urban gardening.

We teach students from local middle schools about the art of growing fresh vegetables and reinforce their connection with the land by showing them how to respect and work with it to produce what we need.

In addition, the Garden hosts free and safe Halloween parties for the young people and their entire family!

The 5th Ward Community Garden has also served as the venue for the annual Juneteenth Freedom and Music Festival.

The owners of the property are lifelong residents of the area and have been quite gracious to provide this space rent-free for the past seven years.

It is now time for AAPDEP to take up the mantle of self-determination and purchase this property from the owners while we still can.

We need a total of $10,000 to purchase this property

The AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden has continued to operate over the past 7 years primarily through fundraising initiatives.

These include but are not limited to fish frys, phone raisers (collection of old cell phones), bake sales, staffing booths at Minute Maid Park for Astros Games, raffles and payment from dues. 

But now we call on you, the public, to help purchase the property where our beloved garden rests.

With your support, the AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden has a glowing future ahead. The One Africa, One Nation Marketplace will boast an actual market designed to increase access to healthier living for the community.

Express your SOILdarity with the AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden!  500 people donating $20 will help us reach our goal or $10,000!

Readers in Houston can get involved with local fundraising by calling (254) 979-8133 today and help spread the word by visiting

Donate today, help spread the word and save the garden!


Join AAPDEP for self-determination!

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