U.S. elections: A deadly fraud perpetrated against the people – especially Africans!

WASHINGTON, DC—The African People’s Socialist Party said it in 1984 and it’s still true today. “No Confidence in the U.S. Government – Democratic or Republican, Male or Female, Black or White! All Power to the People! Black Power to the Black Community!” and “The People Must Win Power With Our Own Hands: Neither Jesse Jackson Nor The Democratic Party Can Bring Power to the Black Working Class” – from The Burning Spear Newspaper, August 1984.

The names have changed – from the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson to Barack Hussein Obama and from Ronald Reagan, who was the doom and gloom boogey man in 1984 to Mitt Romney, the boogie man of the democrats, progressives and “leftists” today – but the game is the same.

In today’s world, war abounds! The United States has put itself on a permanent war footing with its declaration of a so-called “War on Terror.”

Both the Democrats and Republicans are in lock-step on their need to maintain world hegemony through military coercion, proxy wars, and military expeditions and occupations, leaving in their wake millions of the world’s poor and working class peoples either dead, in refugee camps, homeless, or in a general state of terror.

But despite brutal U.S. military brigandage and piracy and despite America’s standing as the world’s lone superpower, the peoples of the world are resisting, fighting back and winning victory after victory in the struggle to reclaim our resources and build a world without masters and slaves, oppressor and oppressed, colonizer and colonized.

In order to convince the people that they are legitimate, the Democratic and Republican representatives of U.S. imperialism put together a billion dollar media campaign blitz to sell their bankrupt white power democracy concept and their endless war to the people and to themselves.

The African People’s Socialist Party understands that there’s not a stone’s throw of difference between the policies of Obama and Romney.

In an October 2009 presentation at the Shape Community Center in Houston titled “The Black Struggle in the Era of Barack Obama,” African People’s Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela, declared:

“And so now in order for imperialism to get what it needs it has to disguise itself. They don’t come looking like the white man anymore. In order for it to work now they have white power in a black face.”

“So this Negro Obama is someone who you haven’t never heard of before. He ain’t like Deloyd (Deloyd Parker, SHAPE Executive Director) here at this Center who’s been here since 1969, working for his community.”

“He didn’t come through the Black United Front like brother Kofi (Kofi Taharka, Chairman, National Black United Front) here that has a track record of serving our people.”

“He doesn’t even have to act like he likes you – because white power picked him and put him there….”

“For African people like ourselves, who would begin looking for alternatives to the Democratic party, alternatives to the system that oppresses us, they brought in Obama to lure us back into the safe embrace of the Democratic party.”

“Now you’re not looking for the African People’s Socialist Party. You’re not looiking for the Black United Front to solve your problem. You’re looking for the Democratic party.”

“The Democratic party is an imperialist organization, always has been, always will be. It didn’t change because a Negro became the president.”

“Don’t you know that in so-called democracies like this the electoral process is only a means by which the contending sectors of the white ruling class fight non-violently for control of the state?”

U.S. elections are a fraud


The upcoming November 6, 2012 U.S. presidential election is a serious deadly fraud being perpetrated by the U.S. white ruling class and those in its employ, namely incumbent U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama, a Democrat, and Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee and standard bearer for his party.

No matter which of the two are chosen by the electoral college process, or by popular vote, the vicious blood sucking parasitic system of colonialist capitalism will be the resounding winner. The fraud is built-in that way. And their program is a world where war never ends.

This sort of fraud would break the casinos in Las Vegas if they were to bet against it. Black revolutionary Malcolm X made it plain. He said, “You been took, you been had, you been misled.” To paraphase Malcolm again, he also said, “a Democrat is nothing but a Dixiecrat in disguise, one’s a fox, the other a wolf, but both are of the K-9 (dog) family.” He even singled out Mit Romney’s daddy personally, and called him a Dixiecrat.

Malcolm also said in his now-famous Ballot or the Bullet speech in Detroit in 1964 that, “I’m not a Republican, nor a Democrat, nor an American – and got sense enough to know it.

“I’m one of the 22 million black victims of the Democrats, one of 22 million black victims of the Republicans and one of the 22 million black victims of Americanism. And when I speak, I don’t speak as a Democrat or Republican nor an American. I speak as a victim of America’s so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy – all we’ve seen is hypocrisy.”

Since those words were spoken by Malcolm, the African population inside U.S. borders has caught more hell than ever before.

Africans catching hell in America


The prisons inside this country are bursting at the seams with African people, mostly young men, but also women, children and the old.

There are nearly a million and a half Africans locked down in U.S. prisons; more than the entire People’s Republic of China has in jail, although they have a population of a billion and a half people (4 times the population of the U.S.).

The genocidal death penalty is in full force. In Texas, they are legally lynching Africans so frequently that some don’t even make the news any more.

The vicious occupying army that calls itself the police, along with ordinary white citizen vigilantes, are murdering and attacking Africans at will and with impunity.

The vigilante attacks on Trayvon Martin and Eric Oliver in Florida; the police murders of Oscar Grant and Lovelle Mixon in California; the police murders of Imam Lugman Ameen Abdulla and 7-year old Ayana Jones in Michigan are but few of the attacks on our people that is reminiscent of the old “nigger-knocking” days of what we thought of as the past.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the so-called Black Mecca of the world, more that 10,000 Africans gathered in 100 degree weather for hours on end, merely to fill out applications to be put on a waiting list for non-existent housing.

The white rulers think that it shouldn’t matter that the people don’t have housing since virtually every major thoroughfare in the African areas of town have been named after this Negro or that Negro. And after all, the Negro mayor and city elected officials in Atlanta, just like their counter-parts in South Africa, built multi-billion dollar complexes to host the International Summer Olympic Games.

In 1996 in Atlanta, taxpayers paid nearly one billion of the two billion dollar cost to have our communities destroyed to make room for the Games.

On the question of health care, even after the passage of so-called Obama Care, Africans’ primary method of seeing a physician or nurse is through the emergency room. Affordable healthcare is still non-existent for the vast majority of the African population.

Before we can even begin a discussion on accessibility of higher education and the astronomical high school drop-out rate for Africans, the question of the thorough miseducation we receive at all levels of the educational system should be foremost on the black agenda.

It’s proven that white power education dumbs us all down, the young and the old. The more of massa’s education we receive, the dumber we become.

Western democracy a lie


The white ruling class in Europe and the U.S. are quick to reprimand the world on the principles of elections and the democratic process, holding themselves up as the vanguards of a free society.

Well, we see how the international capitalist class reacts when an election does not go their way and threatens their profits. They revert back to the barrels of guns.

Muhammad Mosedeh was duly elected by the people of Iran, but overthrown in 1953 by a U.S. CIA-led coup that put their puppet, shah Reza Palivi in power.

The shah committed horrendous crimes against humanity as he stole the people’s wealth until the 1979 Iranian Revolution forced him from power.

Patrice Lumumba was duly elected as the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1960 only to be kidnapped and murdered by CIA-led mercenaries in the service of U.S. and Western imperialism, also to be replaced by U.S. puppets.

Kwame Nkrumah, the first democratically elected President of Ghana, was overthrown a U.S. CIA coup d’etat in 1966.

In 1973 a U.S.-orchestrated coup murdered and overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, installing U.S. puppel Augusto Pinochet in Chile;Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected by approximately 70 percent of Africans voting in the 1991 Haitian elections, only to be kidnapped by U.S. agents and forced into exile in South Africa, to be replaced by U.S. puppets.

U.S. backed forces attempted to overthrow the democratically elected Hugo Chavez presidency of Venezuela in 2002. In 2009 a U.S.-backed coup ousted Manuel Zelaya, the duly elected president of Honduras.

The west has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe although Robert Mugabe is the elected leader there.

In 2004 Yassar Arafat, elected President of occupied Palestine, died in an apparent poisoning after having been confined in Ramallah for over two years by U.S.-backed Israeli forces who were unsatisfied with his concessions to every U.S. and Israeli demand.

Since 2008, when Hamas swept the Palestinian elections, the U.S. has done everything in its power to nullify the elections and deny the people’s democratic choice.

Countless attempts have been made on the life of Comrade Fidel Castro by U.S. agents opposed to Cuban freedom. Imperialism has imposed a blockade on Cuba, attempting to starve the people into submission, although the government in Cuba is duly elected by the people in Cuba.

And what about the imperialist-led 1987 assassinations of Comrade President Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso (The Land of Stand-up Men) and the most recent hunting down and lynching of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi? Both these men were deposed because they attempted to redistribute the wealth of their respective territories.

These crimes on elected leadership throughout the world reveal the hypocrisy of U.S. and European leaders when they tout their western “democracy”. Obama and Romney have both vowed to continue these policies of U.S. world domination. It’s clear whose interest these two parties of brigandage and oppression serve.

Black Power replaced by neocolonialism


During the 1964 Presidential election season, incumbent U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Texas land and cattle baron, lying liberal politician and grifter, knew that the African population inside this country was involved in a massive revolutionary movement that was shaking the very foundations of U.S. imperialism.

Courageous African freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party had exposed at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey the racist dog national Democratic party for what it was: an anti black organization hell bent on keeping African people on our knees as subservient colonial subjects.

The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party refused the 2 non-voting seats offered by the liberal Democrats and led our movement out of the Democratic party. That no confidence posture would later develop into the Revolutionary demand for Black Power.

This black revolutionary movement along with our sister armed revolutionary movement in Vietnam had brought imperialism to its knees.

On any given day of the week, in any given city, north or south, countless thousands of Africans were in the streets and loudly proclaiming that the African population had no confidence in the government. And as we did this the Vietnamese were kicking ass on the battlefield.

Johnson and white power had their backs against the wall and in their efforts to stall the black revolution, declared a “War on Poverty.”

They murdered Malcolm, they murdered King, they murdered Bobby Hutton, Bunchy Carter, and more than thirty other member of the Black Panther Party, then they give us Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and now Barack Hussein Obama.

It seems that after all those years, we should all, like Fannie Lou, be “tired of being sick and tired” of the trickery of the Democratic party.

The selection and the handing over more than $700,000,000 to the campaign coffers of Barack Hussein Obama was an implementation of the long established imperialist strategy that African patriot Kwame Nkrumah defined as neo-colonialism – the last stage of imperialism.

Heretofore, the neo-colonial strategy of the U.S. rulers had been limited essentially to local or statewide African politically elected henchmen to do their bidding – white power in black face.

The bourgeoisie had limited the African petty bourgeoisie’s aspirations to the attainment of positions such as executive vice presidents of this or that “fortunate five hundred” corporation, the mouth pieces of the Congressional Black Caucus, the perennial begging heads and leadership of the NAACP and Urban League, local mayors and councilmen and councilwomen, police chiefs, generals in the U.S. military and of course the big shot and little shot African preachers.

Now in 2012 our slave masters, have nowhere to turn, so they give us Barack Hussein Obama.

Debates expose electoral sham


And to be sure that Obama is “their man” all you had to do, if you could stomach it, was to view or listen to news clips of the final so-called presidential debates of October 22, 2012.

The candidates never talk about the hundreds of millions dollars both sides receive from the Banksters and Wall Street to carry out their devious schemes to maintain war and white power.

The Republican and Democratic candidates never raise the question of who is it that the Drone attacks are really killing.

During the Vietnam war, thay used convicted war criminals like Lt William Calley to carry out their acts of military terrorism where ever the people resisted. Today, they don’t have to take the risk of prosecution, they just send in Drone attacks where ever the people are resisting U.S. plunder.

Instead of villages in Vietnam, it is now villages in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Mali. And both candidates are foaming at the mouth Dronists.

The white ruling class media were saying that Obama’s militarist stance made Romney look like a “peace candidate.” Romney even told Obama, “hey, we can’t kill our way out of this.”

It is nothing but mass chickanery, flim-flam, a not so sophisticated con game that would attempt to get our movement bogged down in how Obama’s budget looks to how Romney’s look. Which guy is really gonna cut social security, and which guy is really going to bring “jobs back to America.”

Our problem could not possibly be a job. We were brought to this country in chains, kicking and screaming, for a job. We worked for more than 400 years, millions of us, and didn’t get paid a dime. And we worked more than a hundred more at slave wages, and for nothing in penitentiaries through this country. So talk to us about Reparations. Reparations Now!

Reparations is a universal principle for redress that the incumbent negro president has always opposed with respect to the African world.

Cast your vote of “no confidence” in imperialism


So now, detractors of the Revolution, black and white, pose the questions: “So you gonna vote for Romney? “ or “So you’re not gonna vote?” or “Well, if not Obama, then who?” And then there are others who ask, “so you don’t believe in voting?”

The answers are simple. No! Africans should not vote for the Republican Romney or the Democrat referred to by some as Barack O’Romney. Do we acquiesce to our oppression and become accomplices in our own exploitation? A resounding no!

The African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement under our leadership don’t flat out reject the bourgeois electoral process.

We have ourselves run candidates for different local offices and sponsored or taken positions on ballot initiatives – when such participation in the electoral process actually furthered our objectives for advancing the African liberation struggle.

But one thing is certain, and that participation in the electoral process cannot be substituted for revolutionary organizing of the African working class inside current U.S. borders.

Every African who walks into a voting booth on November 6, 2012 should pull the lever for their local candidates and pull or make a mark besides the choice of “NO CONFIDENCE!” If “NO CONFIDENCE!” is not on your ballot then walk out in protest. Tell the Polling Captain that you saw neither “No Confidence” nor “None of the Above”. Must be voter fraud!

Our rejection of Barack Obama and the Democrats, and Mit Romney and the Republicans is a no confidence vote on imperialism, an economic and political system that is only maintained at the point of many guns.

U.S. President Obama is adamant that he will carry out the mission of imperialism by any means necessary.

That includes drones murdering the people in Africa, and in Pakistan, and in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.

Obama is more than willing to unleash the U.S. Navy with its arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the people of the world. He has already had beer with the police inside this country to give his go-a-head with the containment strategy and war on the African community inside the U.S.

Obama presides over a system that is rotten through and through. It has always been that way. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The American system of parasitic capitalism was born on the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America, South America, and every Island along the way.

It was born on the attack on Africa and the enslavement and dispersal of its people. It is thoroughly rotten all along the line.

We call on the people to turn our backs on the Republican and Democratic parties, for they are the parties of war, poverty, and oppression.

We call on the African worker to join the ranks of the African People’s Socialist Party. Imperialism is facing a crisis like it has never faced before.

As revolutionaries our mission is not to rescue imperialism from this crisis, but to unite with the peoples of the world who are taking this paper tiger on, tooth and nail, and to deepen the crisis.

Death to imperialism!

All Power to the People!

Black Power to the African Community!

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