Update from Sierra Leone on Nov 21, 2009: On the Road to Makeni – Home of Uhuru Radio FM

We're on the drive to Makeni now. Makeni is a real strategic place in Sierra Leone in terms of politics. It is the place where neocolonial president Ernest Bai Koroma is from and where the African People's Socialist Party of Sierra Leone (APSP-SL) has a large base.

We're headed to Makeni for the launch of Uhuru Radio FM, which will be broadcast from there.

This radio station will be a very important asset in the process of putting the voice and struggles of the conscious African working class in Salone (Sierra Leone as called in Creole) out to the world. The programming of Uhuru Radio FM here will be broadcast over the online station UhuruRadio.com. UhuruRadio.com will contribute programming to Uhuru Radio FM in Makeni as well.

This will be another step toward "One Africa! One Nation!" as the people of Salone will be in touch through Uhuru Radio with Africans all around the world.

Forward to Makeni!
Forward to the launch of Uhuru Radio FM!
One Africa! One Nation!



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