Uhuru veteran returns as Editor of The Burning Spear Newspaper


Friends, comrades, and supporters of The Burning Spear Newspaper. As the new Editor of The Burning Spear, I want to take time to introduce myself and say a few things about my mandate and the direction the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) would have its central news organ headed.

My name is Omowale Kefing, and I served on the Editorial Board of The Burning Spear during the latter half of the 1970’s. I also served as Editor for most of the 1980’s.

Now in 2009, the African People’s Socialist Party has once again offered me this prestigious and responsible position as Editor of the oldest revolutionary African newspaper in existence anywhere in the world.

This, friends, comrades, and supporters, is truly a challenge of enormous proportions. This challenge and these goals are impossible to bring to fruition without your help, support, and absolute understanding of the necessity for The Burning Spear Newspaper to be published on a regular and timely basis. The Spear’s job is to serve as the lifeline of the International African Revolution, its unwavering voice.

In order to accomplish this mission, our cadre wherever located must write for The Spear, must sell The Spear (on the streets and in the countryside), and must support it financially. This is a must for our cadre. But we also ask our friends and supporters to voluntarily write, sell, and support The Spear financially, for it truly belongs to you.

The Burning Spear needs to be distributed and sold wherever our people or our friends might be. If the people cannot read, read The Spear to them. If there is a language barrier, then translate The Spear to them. Get the people to write for The Spear. Despite the language barrier, we will find a way to print their struggles in the Spear so that the world will have the ability to support our causes. We dare our people and our movement to be isolated any longer!

Friends, supporters and comrades, our Party has positioned itself through almost 40 years of non-stop battle, combat, and struggle against the enemies of our class, the whole of humanity, and the forward progress of human existence.

We’ve positioned ourselves so that we are in place at this critical juncture in history where world imperialism and its last cover neocolonialism, led by U.S. imperialism, are in chaos and crisis unprecedented since its coming into being off the back of African enslavement, and exploitation and oppression of the world’s non-white peoples.

The Party is in place precisely for the purpose of carrying out this task necessary to render world imperialism terminal and write its epithet and eulogy.

I am asking for your individual and collective help for the completion of this great mission. What mission could be greater than that of this heroic African working class through the pages and the Point of The Burning Spear that will pronounce this parasitic, blood sucking capitalist system dead.

Build the Burning Spear!

Complete the Black Revolution of the Sixties!

Omowale Kefing, Editor

On Writing for the Spear

There’s an old proverb that says “If you can talk, you can sing.” We say, “If you can read, you can write!”

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