Take the new Burning Spear Newspaper to the streets!

Uhuru, Comrades, Friends and Supporters of the Burning Spear Newspaper,

   It’s been three weeks since The Burning Spear went to press and most of you still haven’t had the opportunity to read, analysis, and study it yet. This is due to a number of reasons, the major one being financial. The other major factor is the distribution organization/apparatus, which needs human bodies and organization. Both of these are problems of the Party’s Agit-Prop Committee, and are presently on the table for resolution.

   Therefore it is imperative that when you get this Spear in your hands that you immediately take it to the streets. All proceeds must immediately be turned over to the National office so that we can alleviate to the extent we can the financial burden. And of course the African Working Class needs this mighty weapon in their hands. Take it to the streets!

   Would also suggest that fund raisers (bake sales, pot lucks, car washes, fish fries, raffles, etc. be pulled together as a way to support and sustain The Spear. These things can be organized around the Best Spear Salesperson of the Month, which would acknowledge our comrades’ hard work, and earn them a “mug shot” and praises in The Burning Spear Newspaper.

   So, as we move to ensure the timeliness of The Spear, your contributions to this effort are indispensible.

   Lets Build The Burning Spear Newspaper!


   Omowale Kefing



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