Special Edition Burning Spear soon in hand

Friends of The Burning Spear Newspaper:

Within the next few days, the Special Africa Edition of The Burning Spear Newspaper should be off the press and into your hands. While this Special Edition has already been printed in Sierra Leone, the U.K. edition is scheduled to print simultaneously with the U.S. edition within the next few days.

At present, friends and comrades, our Party is faced with a gigantic problem that we have long wanted and anticipated. We have no blueprint other than African Internationalism to fix this problem.  

The problem comrades, is that the cohesive tool to hold the rapid growth of the African People's Socialist Party together is The Burning Spear newspaper, which on the one hand must be the one and only one central organ of our entire Party, while on the other hand it must be able to specifically speak to the unique circumstances of every front of the African Revolution.  

For instance, The Working Platform of the Party which appears in each edition of The Burning Spear obviously speaks directly to domestic colonialism here in the U.S. Obviously this is a problem when telling a worker on the streets of Freetown about the U.S. police agencies serving as an occupying army in the black communities of Sierra Leone.  

Some of these contradictions are problematic and will be solved while doing the work. On the other hand some of the contradictions present constitutional questions which will have to be hammered out at the 4th Party Congress scheduled for July 10, 2010 in Philadelphia.   

At any rate, these are contradictions we anticipate and look forward to solving. But this issue of The Burning Spear does not attempt to address the Spear's problems, We are making some adjustments to the issue that was printed in Sierra Leone so that a better Spear will end up in your hands.  

As usual we ask you to redouble your Spear sales, donations and contributions. We especially need more resources for this issue of the Spear because ran more than the usual number of pages. If the funds are not immediately available, then make a pledge. It’s your newspaper.

This is an exciting and historical issue of The Burning Spear newspaper. Lets get it on the streets.  

Omowale Kefing,  Editor 


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