New “Stop white people” college workshop sparks upset at SUNY Binghamton

NEW YORK––White students at The State University of New York at Binghamton, also known Binghamton University, are hot and bothered over a new training course for residential assistants.

The training workshop––#StopWhitePeople2k16––was revealed on August 24th when Resident Advisors received their training schedules.

The workshop description states:

“The premise of this session is to help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within. Learning about these topics is a good first step, but when you’re encountered with “good” arguments from uneducated people, how do you respond? This open discussion will give attendees the tools to do so, and hopefully expand upon what they already know.”

White students at SUNY Binghamton, however, are bothered and upset about #StopWhitePeople2k16 and have deemed it “disturbing” and “counterproductive.” They are appalled that the university has allowed this course to exist.

We at The Burning Spear, are not sure why there is such a huge upset!

The workshop description is laughable at best and is mainly concerned with offering residential assistants tools to win a debate or argument in support of the concept of white privilege.

On top of that, how can a workshop speak on stopping white people without ever mentioning the urgent need to overturn parasitic capitalism, colonialism and imperialism, and spread African Internationalism? How, Sway?

This training session did not offer up any real solutions to actually stop the historic complicity and violence carried out by white people against African and other oppressed peoples in unity with imperialist white power.

This is basically a pre-kindergarten lesson when compared to the profound, dynamic revolutionary studies which Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) has provided every Sunday for almost two years now.

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela scientifically shows us, capitalism was born on the assault on Africa, the enslavement of African people and the colonial domination of the majority of humanity.

The Chairman proves that all white people sit on the pedestal of the oppression of African and other peoples.

#StopWhitePeople2k16 is white nationalist bullsh*t

The focus on understanding privilege or “racism” is opportunist white feminist and leftist thought.

As Chairman Omali explains in his book, An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism:

“Our struggle has always been for power, not against racism. To the extent that we win power the “racism” of others becomes irrelevant…

“The struggle against racism is the struggle of the petty bourgeoisie fighting to integrate into the white capitalist world, to board the sinking ship of white power…

“Africans are not a race but a nation of people forcibly dispersed around the world.”

The struggle is not against “white privilege” but against the reality of colonialism, the occupation of a people by an oppressor nation for the economic benefit of the colonizers.

Africans are colonized inside of the borders of the U.S. and around the world; white people are the colonizers, sitting on a pedestal of African oppression and benefitting from our exploitation.

We don’t fight against “white privilege,” a symptom of colonialism. We fight against colonialism and for the total liberation and unification of Africa and African people everywhere. We fight for the return of our stolen land and resources in the form of reparations into the hands of the African revolution.

Stop white people 2kinfinity: Join the African People’s Socialist Party

Africans who want to really stop white people and overturn parasitic capitalism must partake in the only lesson fit for the job: join the African People’s Socialist Party.

And for those white people who want to rectify their relationship to African people and join in solidarity with the struggle for freedom for African people, our Party has a place for them: The African People’s Solidarity Committee, the organization of white people working directly under our Party’s leadership.

As the Chairman has said “the struggle against racism is a self-defeating waste of time.”

African people can spend years trying to erase racist thoughts from the heads of white people. But until we destroy parasitic capitalism, the basis for white power, and have complete economic, political and military control over our own lives nothing will be changed.

Join the African People’s Socialist Party. We’re very serious about governing ourselves and liberating our Africa. Everything else is just talk.


Spread African Internationalism!



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