New site, new period

Well, here it is. We’ve been working to redevelop the Uhuru News site to bring it up to par with what we believe is worthy of the African working class’ expectations and standards. We’ve made some steps and are still moving in that direction.

This started from a journal called The Burning Spear put out in 1968 by the Junta of Militant Organizations (JOMO), one of the organizations that merged in 1972 to form the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP). For the next few decades, the APSP put out The Burning Spear Newspaper to a readership spread around the world who starved for political analysis and leadership in an era characterized by military defeat of revolutionary movements at the hands of U.S. and European imperialism, whose crisis that is now being clearly seen had already begun with these struggles for national liberation around the world.

The Burning Spear for many years has prided itself on unabashedly representing the interests of the African working class, giving voice and leadership to a dispersed African nation still struggling to get a grip on its own identity and understand what had happened to it in the last period and how to move forward.

In 2006, the APSP built the with a weekly Sunday broadcast, deciding that hosting radio shows at hostile radio stations that attempted to stifle our voices was not good enough. The African working class had to have its own platform to speak in its own interests uncensored and unbound. The mission statement it set for itself as it broadcast online worldwide and unbound by colonial borders created by our oppressors called for its programmers to carry on the tradition of The Burning Spear Newspaper in “giving voice to the struggles of the African working class from around the world through its programming in an effort to unite and inform the struggles of African people and forward the International African Revolution.”

In 2007, became featuring news and analysis on what was happening in the African world. Still there was much room for development.

Today, the new Uhuru News site takes another step in that development. The new site now features a weekly edition of articles updated every Thursday enhanced with the ability for our readers to comment on any of the articles that appear on the site. This weekly edition also includes a video of the week showing resistance in various places as well as other exciting videos! We invite our readers to submit video to be displayed as video of the week.

A special features section includes analysis and articles on pressing topics like the economic crisis and neocolonialism in its highest form in the form of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Uhuru Radio is developing as well, soon to begin an all day every day schedule and adding programming from more areas of the world including Europe, with some programs even being added in French. Our calendar gives you the opportunity to find out what’s coming up in African communities around the world and to post your events, and videos covering a growing variety of topics can be found in our video section.

As was earlier stated, this new site is just another step in our development. We look forward to bringing you much more. Anticipate a message board where you can socialize and chop it up with other uhurunewsers in the coming weeks. Even as Uhuru Radio expands, its section of the site will be developed for an easier user experience.

As we’re developing our site, we’re also developing our staff and its capacity to bring you more news from around the world. We want to hear from you about what you think about the new site and how you’d like to become actively part of Uhuru News. Check out the volunteer page and see where you fit in!

While the crisis of U.S. and European imperialism deepens every day, the opportunity for the colonized peoples around the world — whose stolen land, labor and resources have fed the U.S. and Europe for the past 500 years — to end that parasitic relationship and take our future into our own hands becomes even greater!

This is our day! For too long has imperialism monopolized power and ideas! Uhuru News, the Online Voice of the International African Revolution must be developed, and if it is to be developed, it will be because the African working class and its representatives take hold of it and launch it to ever greater heights!

Forward the African Revolution! One Africa! One Nation!


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