Neocolonial leader Museveni steals Uganda’s 2016 elections

UGANDA––Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NMR) won the presidential and parliamentary elections on February 18, 2016, giving themselves a fifth term in the office and extending their 30-year sell-out rule for another five years.

His main challengers were Dr. Kizza Besigye from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and Amama Mbabazi who ran as a candidate of the Democratic Alliance.

These two opponents to Museveni are not new forces.

They both were key members of Museveni’s National Resistance Army (NRA), which seized power since 1986 against the junta of general Tito Okello Lutwa, following years of war.

Dr. Besigye was Museveni’s personal doctor during the war.

Millions of Africans cast their vote in the presidential election. Museveni won 60.8 percent of the vote., Kizza Besigye received 35.4 percent.

When former U.S. president Bill Clinton was in power, he used to present Museveni, Kagame and other traitors like them as new types of Africans leaders that Africa needed.

Museveni bullies his way to power

The African Centre for Media Excellence’s analysis of December airtime coverage states, “the state-owned Uganda Broadcasting Corporation gave president Museveni 44 percent of its airtime, Mbabazi 24 percent and Besigye just four percent.”

Museveni harasses, brutalises and arrests his opponents regularly until voting day. Dr. Besigye is currently under arrest indefinitely.

The polling stations would open three to six hours late, or were not opened at all.

On February 18 imperialist New York times reported, “At one polling station, voters waited seven hours for ballots to arrive, and when they did, they were for parliamentary candidates only.”

We Africans are poor in Uganda just as much as we are poor in Malawi, Senegal, Haiti or in the U.S.

Elections are not designed to address our people’s problems.

Elections are used to legitimise neocolonial domination of Africa through the participation of the African masses.

Uganda is an oppressed country, dominated by U.S. imperialism

In Uganda only 16.2 percent of the population has access to internet and the GDP per capita is $571.96.

Uganda accounts for two percent of annual maternal deaths globally. This translates into 492 maternal deaths per month and 16 deaths per day.

This is a very high figure and yet we also know that most of the deaths are not captured by the health information management system, which was the source of the maternal mortality estimates.

The so-called opposition is the petty bourgeoisie jockeying for neocolonial power.

This means that the African population is abandoned by our so-called leaders, with no organisation to fight for our interests and hold imperialism and its African collaborators accountable.

We need to build the African Socialist International (ASI)—the organisation of Africans determined to seize power and inaugurate a new era.

Museveni, a leading white power imperialist collaborator

Museveni, a loyal agent of the U.S. ruling class, is opposed to white reparations being paid to Africans dispersed around the word.

It is said that Museveni has transformed Uganda into a U.S. imperialist aircraft carrier to be used to attack and destabilise neighbouring African countries using proxy wars.

It is Uganda’s government who orchestrated the war that split Sudan. It is Museveni who armed Kagame and his Rwanda Patriotic Front to win power in Rwanda and triggered the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

It is the same Museveni who advanced the North American imperialist interest by organising the war that overthrew Mobutu and imposed a regime in Congo Kinshasa, which is controlled by Museveni and Kagame today.

The war against the occupation of Congo was disguised as a war to neutralise Hutu genocidaires who have fled to Congo from Rwanda, after losing power to the Tutsi-dominated Rwandan Patriotic Front.

Uganda provides about 5,000 soldiers to AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somali), which is a neocolonial occupational force funded by white imperialism through the African Union.  

Museveni sent about 3,000 soldiers to South Sudan to secure the regime of Salvir Kiir in his dispute with Riek Machar.

The struggle for democracy is a struggle to defeat the African petty bourgeoisie in Uganda and everywhere, to be replaced by a single and united African workers’ government.

The struggle for democracy is the African working class’ struggle for victory over imperialism.

Forward the African revolution!

Build the African Socialist International!

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