Black and brown stripes added to Philly’s gay flag: Keep your stripes, run us our check!

PHILADELPHIA––The city of Philadelphia unveiled a new gay pride flag featuring black and brown stripes which are to represent the struggle to include “black and brown” same-gender-loving people. The new flag was raised on June 8, 2017 at the City Hall to kick off of the city’s month-long gay pride activities.

According to one source: “The 8-stripe flag is reportedly the first Pride flag flying over a U.S. city to recognize queer people of color.

“The flag was designed in conjunction with the city’s Office of LGBT affairs and is part of the larger #MoreColorsMorePride campaign. It’s also part of the city’s ongoing effort to address concerns about racism in Philly’s gayborhood and LGBTQ businesses.”

White opportunism, or nah?

This move is being championed by many gay rights supporters, white homosexuals, as well as African and other colonized same-gender-loving individuals. The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is clear, however, that this is yet another opportunist attempt by the white ruling class to lead African same-gender-loving persons towards a counter-revolutionary agenda.

This supposed “inclusion” is nothing but the opportunism of the white ruling class rearing its white parasitic colonizer head.

Quiet as kept, the gay pride flag is just another white imperialist flag, not much different than the imperialist flag of the Unites States. Although the gay pride flag may represent some sort of freedom and acquisition of rights for white gays, in reality, it represents another area of colonial bullshit.

For gay whites, the gay flag is a representation of their struggle for acceptance into the colonial status quo––achieving similar colonial white power to their heterosexual counterparts.

This flag therefore represents the right to get married, to achieve hospital visitation rights, to live in safe “gayborhoods” and the ability to adopt––no, STEAL––children from Africa and other areas ravaged by imperialism and parasitic capitalism.

For same-gender-loving people of the African nation, however, the rainbow flag represents colonial domination. It mirrors poverty, police murders and genocide.

It does not speak to the interests of African and other oppressed same-gender-loving individuals. Nor does it address the extreme disparities that exist between the colonizer LGBT individual and the colonized SGL individual as a result of the system of colonialism.

This flag is an attempt by the white ruling class to further generalize the stark differences between the material realities of the gay colonizer and the same-gender-loving colonized. This generalization must be struggled against as everything that the colonizer has was gained at the violent expense of the colonized. And in that same breath, every contradiction faced by the colonized is as a result of the colonizer.

To be frank, this 8-stripe flag is a bitch slap in the face to all Africans and colonized people.

Where is the concern for real issues facing Philly’s poor black communities? (Asking for a friend)

In the Strawberry Mansion section of north Philadelphia, the life expectancy of an African is 20 years less than a white person in Center City. Philadelphia has the highest rates of deep poverty and hunger of any major city. In fact, 32 percent of Africans live below the poverty line compared to 16 percent of whites.

In the first quarter of 2006, 1884 Africans went to homeless shelters, compared to 341 whites. As an annual rate, approximately 7,500 African use homeless shelters in a year compared to about 500 whites.

The disparity is real. And comes as a result of the theft, plunder and colonization of Africa and African people 600 years ago by Europe. Under the current system of colonialism,as well as parasitic capitalism bred out of colonialism, we Africans are not able to produce and reproduce life for ourselves because we are forced to use our energies to reproduce life for the white nation.

We must make real revolutionary struggles towards overturning colonialism, parasitic capitalism and all its effects. And nope, some colored folk stripes ain’t gonna cut it.

So, we say to the city of Philly: Keep your black and brown stripes, and give us our reparations for over 600 years of colonialism. How bout dat!

Down with inclusion into the colonial status quo!

No such thing as “gays in general!”


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