CHARLOTTE, NC––The African community rose up and fought back in a powerful display of black power last night following the police murder of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday afternoon.

Keith, a father of seven, was murdered by cop Brentley Vinson in an apartment complex parking lot. Colonial news reports say that the police were attempting to serve a warrant to another man when Scott was murdered.

Keith was sitting in his car reading a book and waiting for his son to come home from school when he was murdered.

Keith Lamont Scott and his wife

The police are attempting to twist the narrative and tell the masses lies like they always do. We, however, know by now that the police cannot be trusted.

On top of that, no matter the circumstances leading up to Keith’s murder––whether or not Keith had a gun instead of a book like the police claim––we understand that the police are an occupying military force who are present in our communities to oppress us, and harm us.

We are also clear that the police are illegitimate and have no right to exist in our communities. The African community of Charlotte are quite clear of that too.

Africans fight back with bottle, rocks and fires!

Hundreds of Africans rallied together overnight to demand black power. Africans are absolutely fed up with daily police murders of our sisters and brothers.

Africans threw rocks at police, set fires and blocked part of Interstate 85. Our people also jumped on top of a police van and stomped on it, breaking the windshield and other windows.

Sixteen cops felt the bodily wrath of the African community as they experienced various injuries.

The way that we receive news is changing as regular working class Africans often take to Facebook and other social media sites to livestream in real-time. This was the case last night as Mills Shaka Zulu Gill livestreamed the uprising for almost three hours!

Throughout the video, we see the police in military gear and helmets enclosing the demonstrators. Africans we unfazed and stood united as they chanted “no justice, no peace!” Mills can also be heard encouraging brothers and sisters to put their fists in the air and be proud as they stood face to face with oppressive cops.

Another video posted online shows the police being entirely fucked up by working class Africans as they were hit with bricks and were forced to retreat to their vehicles!

Get the heck out of our communities!

The African People’s Socialist Party have been clear since our founding by Chairman Omali Yeshitela that the police have no business in our neighborhoods.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities in our 14-pount platform, “What We Want; What We Believe.”

“We believe that the various U.S. police agencies which occupy our communities are arms of the U.S. colonialist state which is responsible for keeping our people enslaved and terrorized.

We believe that the U.S. police agencies do not serve us, but instead represent the first line of U.S. defense against the just struggle of our people for peace, dignity, and socialist democracy. Therefore, we believe the U.S. police is an illegitimate standing army, a colonial army in the African community and must withdraw immediately from our community, to be replaced by our liberation forces whose struggles in defense of our community and against our oppression demonstrate their loyalty to our community and their willingness to serve in its interest.”

We see the contradictions affecting our communities for what they are: Africans are colonial subjects with no self-determination or power over our own lives. We exist at the mercy of the colonial State. In order to end police murders and all other issues affecting the black community, the colonial State must be overturned! Africans must secure black power!

Unlike other organizations, the APSP does not call for body cameras. That is simply asking for our deaths to be recorded by the police.

We say we want the police out of our neighborhoods, now! That is what we are struggling for.

Long live Keith Lamont Scott!

Smash the Colonial State!

Join the APSP! 




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