A meeting for our own black power and self-determination – forward to Washington, D.C.!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – From July 10 – 14, black freedom fighters and our allies from all over the world will converge on Washington, D.C. in one of the most important meetings in this era of struggle. The official convening of the 5th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party will set a black agenda that is separate and independent from Barack Obama’s Democratic Party, and Michael Steele’s Republican Party.

So many of our people were led to believe and actually thought that the election of Barack Hussein Obama as U.S. president would mean a better life for us. But the fact is that conditions of existence for black people have worsened.

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Trey Joyner and Aiyana Jones

The police are still shooting and beating us in the streets and in our homes, to which the police murder of 23-year-old Trey Joyner only blocks away from the White People’s House where Obama resides bears witness, as does the nation-wide broadcast of a white cop in Seattle, Washington assaulting two black teenage girls in broad day light while the cameras of cell phones rolled; and of course the murder of our baby, 7-year-old Aiyana Jones in Detroit, where the police burst in throwing hand grenades and firing weapons of mass destruction.

The big banks and insurance companies steal the people’s money and property and get caught, and still don’t have to return the money or property, or go to jail, but instead are rewarded in the form of big bucks bonuses, and so-called bailouts. The people are held in such contempt that Obama can say that a worthless, good-for-nothing insurance company is too big and important to the people’s survival to fail. The contempt extended to Obama’s bail out of the swindling auto makers industry, whose executives all flew to the meetings in their expensive private Lear Jets, while the people in Detroit stand in the unemployment and food stamp lines.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Obama regime, which is on a permanent war footing, is attempting to solve the unemployment crisis by building more prisons and putting more of our African men and women into the already bursting at the seams prison system.

The big landlords and greedy mortgage companies are evicting us at unprecedented rates. Our children are getting kicked out of public schools. For them, college is but a fleeting illusion. Prison cells await them. Africans are still being denied the ability to return home to New Orleans while the victims of Hurricane Katrina continue to face ongoing terror at the hands of the State.

These horrendous conditions are why the African People’s Socialist Party is here to say, join this great movement to set a black agenda that will solve the problems of the working and poor black people.

To paraphrase the words which appeared in the 1st Edition of the Black Panther Party newspaper, of April 25, 1967, more than 40 years ago,

“BLACK MEN AND WOMEN!!!! It is your duty to our children, to our mothers, fathers, and sisters and brothers, to investigate the program of the Party. There is no other way. We have tried everything else. This is the moment in history when Black People have no choice but to move and move rapidly to gain their freedom, justice, and all the other ingredients of civilized living that have been denied to us. This is where it’s at! Check it out Black brothers and sisters! This is our day!!!!!”

Check us out brothers and sisters. This is our day. This is your day. Come to the 5th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party, July 10 thru 14, 2010 Washington, DC.
For more information call 727-821-6620 or visit www.apspcongress.org.



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