White solidarity with black power growing in the Northeast!

The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) and Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) are rapidly expanding in the NE region!

As the courageous resistance of African people worldwide tops the news every day, the fact that the American colonial system is the real crime against humanity, and the solution is African Revolution, has penetrated the consciousness of the white population.

This realization is due to the African revolution led by Chairman Omali and the African People’s Socialist Party working on many fronts,

APSC and USM are organizations based in the white community that work directly under the leadership of the APSP.

These organizations are tasked with the responsibility to expose the colonial reality Africans face and to organize white people to unite with the fact that the only positive way forward for us is paying reparations to the African community.

APSC understands that what marks a progressive stand for white people is not saving the environment, it is not if you are gay or a feminist.

The dividing line is what your stand is on the tremendous debt the white population owes the African people for 600 years of colonial violence and terror, stolen land, lives and resources that built the lifestyle of consumption that white America and Europeans take for granted.

Building for white reparations to African people in Boston

Boston, home of the fastest growing chapter of USM, has initiated creative new projects while establishing it’s strong local chapter.

The Boston APSC holds monthly film showings and hosts their own cable tv show “White Solidarity with Black Power” on Summerville Community Access TV.

When Harvard held a conference on “Universities and Slavery,” USM was there demanding that Harvard pay reparations to the Africans who built the school and the entire city!

They have sponsored 5 well-attended “ResistDANCE” party fundraisers, have weekly meetings, host web conferences, do regular outreach tables and sell the Burning Spear newspaper.

USM Boston is hosting their 2nd annual Day in Solidarity with African People (DSAP) featuring Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party on October 17th.

APSC and USM do consistent work to raise reparations, including the Reparations Challenge Campaign (thereparationschallenge.org).

They worked with USM national to initiate an Etsy store (Etsy.com/shopArt4Reparations) where artists donate their work to be sold as reparations.

When USM first got started in Boston they faced a lot of slander from the white left.

APSC Member and USM local chair Halley Murray was evicted from a white feminist anarchist collective house after she published a zine explaining why she left anarchy to take the stand of solidarity with Black Power.

There was slander online saying USM was a cult. 

APSC member and USM recruitment coordinator KC Mackey stated “We fought really hard and did not surrender the line of solidarity with African people.”

They have won more white people in liberal Boston to understand the need for African leadership, changing the political climate of the city.

Through unrelenting community organizing, and the leadership of the national APSC, these new APSC members have transformed themselves into cadre who can take on any struggle and fight for the rights of the African Community.

KC Mackey stated, “now that we understand that genocide is happening right here, there is no better thing we can do than fight for Reparations to African People!

“This is great work done by a new chapter less than a year old!”

Building in Brooklyn, NY

USM is also consolidating a committee in Brooklyn, NY, and is holding another DSAP on October 18th led by USM member Connor Voss.

Connor is leading the regular Saturday USM Burning Spear study group online (uhurusolidarity.org) and organizing a ResistDANCE party in September.

APSC Philadelphia works on building African economic development infrastructure

APSC has been working in Philadelphia under the APSP’s leadership since 1986, when the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on the MOVE organization murdering 11 Africans and burning down over 60 houses.

The Uhuru Movement led a political response to this attack.

Work for reparations to African people takes many forms.

In the past, APSC Philadelphia, working directly under the leadership of the Office of DC Ona Zene Yeshitela, has focused on forwarding the African People’s Education and Defense Fund’s (APEDF) dual and contending economic power development institutions.

APEDF leads Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles (uhurufurniturephilly.blogspot.com), the Uhuru Flea Markets (uhurufleamarket.blogspot.com), the Uhuru Health Festival and the One Africa One Nation Uhuru Book Fair.

APSC has the responsibility to take the resources, skills and connections that are currently controlled by white people and turn them over to these self-determining African institutions.

This is the reparations work of APSC Secretary General and Store Manager Alison Hoehne, and APSC member and UFC Sales Manager Ruby Gittelsohn.

Uhuru Furniture is an economic institution of African self-determination that represents the interest of African people with excellent quality, affordably priced furniture, household items and beautiful NZO hand painted African design furniture.

Uhuru Furniture contends with the gentrification of North Philadelphia a historically African community by building an institution of economic development in the hands of the African people.

Thousands of people of all nationalities and walks of life shop, donate and volunteer, at Uhuru Furniture.

Six times a year, APEDF leads Uhuru Flea Markets in beautiful Clark Park.

This includes the Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market and the Uhuru Book Fair featuring Chairman Omali Yeshitela on October 14th.

These ongoing markets have incubated African businesses, made low cost goods available and provided economic development, health and education resources to the underserved African community in West Philadelphia.

These programs demonstrate how the political and economic are one.

APSC understands that the only future for white people is to work for reparations under the leadership of the African Revolution.

Join us! There is room for everyone to participate!



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