Victory to the people of Korea, north and south, over U.S. white power!

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an independent socialist State representing the interests of all the Korean people. The DPRK is a genuine workers’ state in which all the people are liberated from exploitation and oppression. The workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals are the true masters of their destiny and are in a unique position to defend their interests.”

Sometimes when our allies are under extreme attack, especially from the lead white nation colonizer (U.S. imperialism), a “Big Lie” narrative is often put forward for the purpose of creating a pretext for making war against the colonized.

Oftentimes, the colonized are surrounded and the people of the world are inundated by bourgeoisie media and can’t always speak for themselves. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the African revolutionary internationalists to speak in support of the oppressed and to defend and support their revolutionary aspirations.

In this instance the African Socialist International (ASI) stands in unwavering solidarity with the toiling workers, peasants, workers party and leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

We call for total victory to the Korean people over U.S. imperialism and for the completion of the Revolution and unification of Korea as one workers State.

U.S. war on Korea

In 1953, when the last of U.S. troops left the northern part of Korea, they left thirty percent, or nearly one out of every three Koreans dead and many, many more seriously injured from bullets, bombs and napalm.

The United States and its allies put more than 2 million troops on Korean soil in their effort to bring the heroic people to their knees at their efforts at recolonization.

In addition to millions dead, U.S. war planes carpet bombed north Korea for three years, leaving virtually no building structure standing and when they could not find any buildings, including housing and villages to bomb, they began to bomb infrastructure like dams, railways, bridges and roads.

The U.S. white power invaders destroyed everything in their path, except for the steeled will of the Korean people to be free and self-reliant. The Koreans called their self-determination will Juche, formulated by Party founder Kim II Sung.

But more than this is in the living memory of the Korean people; the 1945 U.S. nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Heroshima, Japan, only 150 miles from the Korean shoreline and waterfronts that left hundreds of thousands dead from poison radiation.

This is the backdrop where in 2017, with tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers still occupying the southern part of Korea, yet U.S. demagogic president Donald J. Trump is accusing the Korean people of threatening the U.S. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that the U.S. has been verbally and physically attacking the people of Korea since 1945 after defeating the Japanese in the 2nd Imperialist War and wrongfully assumed that Korea as a Japanese colony would peacefully pass to them as its colonial possession.

Instead, the heroic people organized for revolution, resistance and fought back. The big hi-tech war machine of U.S. colonialism was defeated and U.S. forces were only able to occupy half the country, setting up a neocolonial State in the south of the country.

For the first time a small country had brought the big bully U.S. imperialists to its knees. Two years later, in 1955 the heroic fighters in Viet Nam would also defeat the dreaded colonial French war machine.

Currently, the U.S. and international capitalist media characterize the DPRK as a “rogue” nation and its leader Kim Jong Un as “crazy”, “deranged,” “blood thirsty madman,” and “Buffoon” and more.

The disinformation, misinformation, lies and slander against the Korean people, their government and their leader runs full throttle 24/7.

For example: They will show a still photo of Kim Jong Un with a voiceover saying he is planning an attack on the U.S., Guam or south Korea. That is not journalism. That is the big lie narrative.

Juche: Self-determination

But the African Socialist International and The Burning Spear newspaper are not neutral on the question of Korea. We know that Kim Jong Un is Chairman of the Korean Workers Party and we respect that.

We respect the Juche concept of self-determination and self-reliance as defined here in part by the Koreans themselves:

“Juche means adopting the attitude of a master towards the revolution and the construction of one’s country. It means maintaining an independent and creative standpoint in finding solutions to the problems arise in the revolution and construction.

“It implies solving those problems mainly by one’s own efforts and in conformity with the actual conditions of one’s own POLITICS country. The realization of independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defense.

“The Government of the Republic always adheres to the principle of Juche, the principles of national independence, and thus is carrying out the socialist cause of Juche.”

U.S. imperialism hates Juche!

This is why U.S. imperialism hate north Korea. They hate self-determination, self-reliance and independence and socialism. They hate Juche!

The villainous U.S. parasitic capitalist regime cannot define for us our enemies and our friends. It is the government and white ruling class of the U.S. that is the enemy of all the working peoples of the world.

It is capitalism that must be defeated before this beloved socialism that we and the Koreans long and fight for can come to fruition.

So the “fire and fury” that Donald Trump talks about will not come from a crisis ridden capitalism but rather it will come from the revolutionary struggle of the colonized.

We stand with the great Korean people and call for the people of the world to stand with them and unite with their just resistance and struggle against reactionary U.S. imperialism.

It is a good thing that Kim Jong Un and the people of Korea are resisting U.S. threats. They saw what the U.S. did to Saddam Hussein in Iraq and what they did to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Bashir Al-Assad in Syria. And they saw what the U.S. did to them. Let them build their arsenal to capacity.

Africa Is With You!

Victory To The Korean People!

All Power To The Workers’ State!


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