U.S./EU war policy displaces millions

LONDON—The crisis of Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Africans and other refugees caught in this colonial immigration nightmare did not start with the discovery in Austria of 50 bodies badly decomposed on August 27 2015, trapped on a lorry refrigerator, abandoned on the hard shoulder of a motor way.

Those 50 people who escaped the terror unleashed by U.S. ruthless military insistence on regime change in Syria, ISIS and other terror groups funded and supported by the CIA, Saudi and Turkish rulers.

They could not escape laws of European immigration which forced peoples to travel in terror not knowing if parents and children will all survive or whether their families would ever be united again.

This crisis begin on the September 2, on Ali Hoca Point beach in Bodrum, Turkey, from where a picture was taken of a Turkish soldier carrying Aylan, a lifeless five year old Syrian boy washed up on Turkish beach, before being turned into news sensation, which hit most front pages of European liberal newspapers.

Twelve other people died in this process, including Aylan’s mom and brother.

Imperialist refugee crisis reached European‘s living rooms

Sensational news of an African refugee hiding in the car’s bonnet to beat the immigration control of police forcing a family off the tracks of railway in Budapest pouring on TV, social media and newspapers alike, announced to white people that the refugee crisis has definitely arrived in their living rooms!

The dominant narrative that the refugees are bogus claimants or are not genuine asylum seekers, but are simply trying to better themselves in Europe was no longer sustainable.

All these tragedies unravelled the inhumanity of European rulers and society. Immigration laws are terror laws that were in place before anyone heard of ISIS, Daesh or Al Qaida.

The same press and political class who were blaming unscrupulous human traffickers for causing the death of refugees on dinghy boats and other unworthy sea boats were suddenly screaming that Europe has a moral obligation to help Syrian refugees.

Yvette Cooper, one of the contenders for the Labour party’s leadership, called for a “moral leadership over refugee crisis.”

David Cameron, the British prime minister, led the white nationalist stance against oppressed peoples seeking to enter Britain via the Channel tunnel from Calais’s Port in France by calling us a swarm of people and publicly vowed to make life hell for us,

“That is why we are passing legislation, we have done this very recently, to make sure you can’t get a driving licence, you can’t rent a house, you can’t take out a bank account, and we will remove more illegal migrants from our country so people know it’s not a safe haven once you’re there,” Cameron said.

Governments of Europe, Australia and North America, irrespective of what party is in power, have for decades passed all kind of laws to stop and criminalize the immigration of poor peoples from oppressed countries to their countries.

If today, the EU is calling for Europe to allow thousands of Syrian people to Europe, something else is at play. It is not moral obligation or solidarity, because we know imperialists have no morality or solidarity towards colonized people.

We are not migrants or immigrants but colonised peoples, fleeing colonial wars and conditions imposed on us by U.S./EU imperialists

The world is split between two irreconcilables camps—the oppressor nation and oppressed nation—and colonialism is the dividing line.

All current U.S. wars are intended to re-enforce or maintain colonial domination over countries who sought to be independent from white imperialist power.

The ongoing immigration crisis in Europe is a direct consequence of ongoing U.S. led imperialist assault on Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somali and other oppressed peoples.

The immigration crisis began when European invaded Africa, stole the Americas, Australia, New Zealand from indigenous people.

Since the overthrow and dismantlement of Kaddafi’s Libyan government by U.S. led NATO’s war of aggression, we have come to regularly see the sinking of sea unworthy boats and the drowning of its disenfranchised passengers.

People are dying at sea, because of the deliberate closure of all civil and democratic ways to get to Europe has been closed to the vast majority of colonized people by white rulers.

We have all the rights in the world to enter Europe

Nobody is talking about white people who live now in Australia and North America as a result of invasion of other peoples land, murder of original inhabitants of these lands.

We cannot talk of this crisis without going back to the root of immigration crisis. It is correct to say, the root of this crisis is white peoples’ invading of our land in the first place.

We are here because Europe has stolen our lives and resources for hundreds of years.

We are here because we have the right to access all riches stolen from us which are arrogantly displayed on your food stores, brand shops, universities, media and elsewhere.

We must remind the whole world that it was/is the labour and wealth from colonised peoples which rescued Britain and the rest of Europe from endemic poverty, ignorance and diseases.

The number of refugees accepted in Europe is insignificant

We have to put in perspective what is perceived as immigration crisis in Europe or in the U.S. or Australia is a drop in the ocean.

There are 60 million people in the world displaced by imperialist created crises of which 20 millions are refugees.

What happens to other 40 million, who stay near their countries of origins?

The recent call by Germany to accept 800,000 refugees has rattled white nationalist Europe. Europe will not be able to solve this imperialist crisis.

The influx of more Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis means more crisis as the number of Muslims inside the Christian white nation increases.

The solution is an immediate end to U.S. led wars in the Middle East and Africa.

Defeat U.S. and Western Imperialism!

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