Tampa police use bogus allegations of animal cruelty to retaliate against Spear staffer!

TAMPA, FLOn Thursday, July 10, 2014, more than a dozen members of the Tampa police force converged on the residence I have called home for over 16 years.
They were executing a search warrant for my 15-year-old Rottweiler, JJ, and any other pets in my possession.
I was arrested. The mother of my two youngest children was arrested. JJ and another pet that had been a part of my household for nearly 10 years were taken.
I was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and battery on a law enforcement officer (LEO)both feloniesand a number of misdemeanors.
The search warrant, which was signed by Hillsborough County judge Laurel Lee, was requested by a Paris R. Dunkley, who is described in the warrant as an animal abuse investigator for the same county.
Dunkley came to my home on Tuesday, July 8, supposedly to investigate a report alleging that I was being cruel to JJ.
I have never neglected or been cruel to JJ or any of my pets.
JJ, in his old age, had recently developed a tumor on his front right paw that two veterinarians suggested was cancerous.
The last vet to examine JJ explained that amputating JJs paw would probably not prolong his life because  cancer had likely spread to other parts of his body.
That same vet said he suspected JJ had two months to live and presented two optionseuthanize JJ or let him live out his last days with us. We chose to take JJ home.
The real deal behind the bogus allegations and trumped up charges
I posted a picture of JJ along with a brief comment of JJ's story on Facebook.
Less than a week later, Dunkley and two Tampa police showed up at my home threatening to seize JJ, arrest me or both.
Two days later they used their military force to make good on those threats.
I dont have a neighbor or a Facebook friend who knows my address that would make animal cruelty complaints against me.
Tampa police, however, know where I live.
That fact combined with their history of harassment and retaliation against me for my participation in political work is good reason to conclude they sent the animal cruelty agents to my address.
This is important to point out because we need to understand that whenever we post to Facebook we post to the police!
The aggression from the city police was not about concern for JJs welfare.
There was and is no evidence anywhere to support allegations of animal cruelty against me.
In fact, all of the evidence clearly shows that the contrary is true; that JJ has been treated humanely and given all the comforts and safety he deserves as a member of our family.
JJs visits to the vet to have his paw examined and treated are documented and food receipts prove he was still eating.
He was in complete control of his bodily functions and had adapted to his tumor by learning to walk on his three healthy legs.
JJ was with his family happily living life as normal as a 15-year-old dog (105 in dog years) with cancer could.
The 15 police thugs who came to my residence armed to the teeth came for retaliation against me because of my political workcourthouse demonstrations, essays, articles and public statementswork that has, for over a decade, exposed, organized against and struggled to overturn the thuggish, often murderous activities of the Tampa police in the city's African communities.
It is my political stance and activities not cruelty to my pets that has me facing charges that could put me in prison.
Not guilty!
Animal cruelty? Not guilty! I took good care of JJ until the day the State took him from me so that they could either maim or kill him.
Battery on a LEO? Not guilty!
Everybody in the African community knows the police routinely lie in their reports and testimonies and get away with it.
The cops handcuffed me, pushed me around and kicked me then charged me with battery on one of them!
Fortunately, this is one of the rare instances where we have irrefutable video evidence to expose them as liars!
Nonetheless, these police allegations against me have me in a fight for my freedom.
This fight is not my struggle alone.
The Touch One, Touch All slogan of African Socialist Internationalism informs us that when State aggression touches one of us in the African nation, it touches all of us.
African Internationalism also teaches us that what the State does to one of us, they can and will do to all of us if we don't stop them!
Allies of the African nation and everyone who claims to want freedom and justice for all have the responsibility to make this struggle as well.
The colonial power structure used my love and loyalty to my pet to retaliate against me for loving Africans enough to fight fearlessly for our freedom and we got to let them know we aint going for it.
Demand hands off Life Malcolm: Call and/or write the Florida State Attorney's Office at 419 Pierce St., Tampa, Fl 33602;                                phone 813-272-5400; fax 813-274-1976; or email homepage@sao13th.com
Africa and Africans must be free!
Hands off Life Malcolm!
Organize and fight police aggression, terror, and murder!


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