Black on Black Love

Black On Black Love

When she stopped me at the grocery store

and told me she’d seen me at the show before

doin’ poetry

And was truly shocked that this capacity for sagacity

could actually be trapped in these tattoos and locs

and flow like warm honey through this frown I got

I told her

I get around a lot

Suggested to her

that she shouldn’t judge the club based on what it looks like on

the outside


take the time to peek inside and listen

at least long enough to find out

if the music’s hot

Cuz from young brothas on the block

who rock the current fad fashion of baggy pants saggin’

to single sistas who seem like superheroes

the way they simultaneously push baby buggies

and manage their X men baggage

all of us got problems

Problems that be like advanced mathematics

complicated by no good preachers and scheming


who make more than a comfortable living

off our miserable circumstances

So if I appear unapproachable

it’s only because every day that I’m alive

the life battles that I go through show through my cold


but baby

it’s alright

cuz them be the same reasons I build myself strong

keep my black fist up when I roll by and refuse to pledge


loc’d my hair and learned to dread the heathens

I don’t know about y’all

But to me

these days seem like 1955 than 2015

Too many unexplained slayings

Too much poverty and penitentiaries packed

with black people in ‘em slavin’

that’s why I write these poems like they gon’ save us

continuously sit home and flip pages

And most of the time while folk sittin’ home

I get gone and rip stages

Rip apart mics

until all in attendance have to bear witness

that this is G_d like and

I’m far from the religious type

but I’ll be the first to admit that maybe

they are right

Cuz when things like barely gettin’ from check to check

gets us stressed and depressed

and weed, liquor or a nightclub full of music

can’t do it

culture be the conduit that keeps us movin’ through

this hard life

So, when people tell me my poems sound angry and ask

me what I’m fightin’ for

I tell ‘em

with every verse I ask myself

if I ain’t fightin’ then what the f**k I’m writin’ for?

Our need for freedom be the reason for every breath I’m


So, take a good look

This is way more than mere spoken word you’re seein’

This is every one of our sacrificed and slaughtered

sistas' and brothas' blood

This is Malcolm’s mindset

It’s Huey’s gun

It’s the reason I was born so

I live to do this

and I do this for us because

This is beyond poetry y’all
This is Black On Black Love


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