Poetry by Life Malcolm
How many of us gon’ have to get shot by these punk ass cops before we decide we gon’ organize and fight back in order to make their punk ass stop?
I need to know How many of us gon’ have to get shot while we’re sittin’ in our truck or home or take one to the dome while we’re standin’ wit our hands up or while they got us on our knees handcuffed and helpless before we get the message that it’s always gon’ be them against us
It don’t matter whether you drive a bucket or the baddest Benz, sell weight or real estate if you African a routine traffic stop can seal your fate the next time you travelin’
That’s why if we really wanna survive and get cheese we gotta do more than just push pounds and flip keys we gotta hook up with political organizations like the African Peoples Socialist Party and fight like hell to get free It’s worth it Who wouldn’t rather be in a planning meeting once or twice a week instead of havin’ some family member or friend dead
Give me the choice between another one of those “Rest In Peace” t-shirts or being out on the block like the Panthers with a handful of political propaganda
I’m like give me the newspapers and the fliers Tell me where to go
Tell me what I need to know in order to be an effective organizer
Cuz I’m convinced we can get up out of this hell hole the instant we get together and stick together like Velcro And the next time they murder one of us and call it justifiable homicide we need to say HELL NO!
Ain’t nothin’ justifiable but survival From California to Florida
I don’t know of no housing projects that ain’t got Techs, AR-15s, AKs and Glocks
The only thing we’re missin’ is a organized system of resistance to deal with ‘em
When they come to raid the block And we gon’ have to deal with ‘em Cuz they gon’ continue to make our mothers cry by filling graveyards with our youth until we organize ourselves and make them begin to feel the hell of watching their mothers cry too.


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