No Solidarity: White left deserts march because Africans won’t let them lead it

Akwaaba (Welcome) Yall!
The Uhuru Movement held a march in our little rebellious town of St. Petersburg, Florida, or what the local Africans call, “St. Pete.”
We had an amazing turn out. Africans showed up from all over the nation in support of our march. The march was in remembrance of the one year anniversary of the August 9, 2014 execution of 18-year-old African Mike Brown, by Ferguson, MO cops.
We wanted to ignite our local African community in the revolutionary spirit that lead St. Louis to almost be burned to the ground. We started our march in the Akwaaba Hall.
There, Chimaranga Waller informed marchers of rules on dealing with the media, dealing with the police, safety tips, and the reason behind the march. We went outside to form our lines shortly after.
That is when a group of Cave-Children (EuroPEONS) began to have a temper tantrum and started to leave.
I wasn't upset about them leaving to be honest. There was too much mayo in our sea of ebony anyways.
As a columnist though and someone who is just naturally nosey, I had to do further research and find out why the Saltine-Americans left. Was it that their melanin deficient skin couldn't handle the sun on that beautiful Sunday afternoon?
I was told by our Solidarity members that the leader of the Cave-Hippies was upset because she saw that our march was being escorted by pigs
This cave-Becky thought that it looked as if we were marching with the pigs. She felt that being in an escorted march would not be good for her white girl "revolutionary" reputation!
Just like a spoiled suburb EuroPEON she got red in the face took her toys and went home. The cave-Becky’s troop of mayo-saxons left with her as well.
I asked Solidarity why someone this shallow and filled with white nationalism was even invited.
They told me that she united with the Palestinians and that she was an anarchist. When I see white anarchists all I see are spoiled brats who doesn't want to be accountable to anyone. That is exactly what that Cave-Becky was being, a spoiled brat that didn't want to be accountable to the Africans that were leading this march.
Cave-Becky did not have a problem with the pigs, she had a problem with African leadership
Cave-Becky lives in a Saltine-American community in Tampa. She never comes to this African community to fight against the constant colonial violence we face on a daily basis.
Somehow, though, she has enough time and funding to visit Palestine frequently. On her Facebook you will see many pictures of her in Palestine trying to look rebellious and brave.
Thing is, although she might be in a danger zone, she still is protected by her whiteness. When she is done playing white savior, she gets to come back to her safe "home" in Florida.
She is a settler in America that flies thousands of miles to Palestine to yell at settlers in Israel (Occupied Palestine). The sheer audacity of this mayo stain! You must be extremely high on white savior crack and so far from reality not to see the hypocrisy.
It is just pure white nationalism for someone this out of touch with her own contradictions to feel she has the right to even disagree with African leadership.
Miracle-Whip-Revolutionary-Barbie has no idea what Solidarity means. Let me break it down to this Cave-Becky
Sol·i·dar·i·ty – unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.
How can she be in agreement with the Uhuru Movement when she has obviously not read our 14-Point Platform? Her spoiled white girl tantrum….I'm sorry I mean her "anarchist act" of causing a scene and leaving our march goes totally against Point One which reads: "We want peace, dignity, and the right to build a prosperous life through our own labor and in our own interests."
She must have missed the part of OUR own interests—meaning we run this ship honey! You aren't even allowed in the captain’s quarters.
Basically your opinion on the ways we Africans organize is mute!
She also doesn't unite with Democratic Centralism. Dem·o·crat·ic Cen·tral·ism – organizational system in which policy is decided centrally and is binding on all members.
Basically, ain't no African leadership told your white ass to leave the march so you don't leave.
How dare this valley girl challenge the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela?
Chairman is a real revolutionary, who like all Africans, does not have a safe space to retreat to!
What cave-Becky and most whites don't understand about Chairman is that he is strategic and always ten steps ahead. We had the pigs there to show the African community not be afraid of those terrorists!
We marched and said "Pigs and Klan go hand in hand," "Pigs in my hood aint no good!" "Arrest the police!" etc.
We yelled all this right in those pigs’ faces! The terrorized Africans of the community came out of their houses and cheered and some even joined the march!
These are Africans whom have been beaten, raped and illegally jailed by pigs—many Africans who have had their loved ones killed by pigs. We ignited a warrior spirit inside of African people that day, screaming "Hands down, FIST UP! FIGHT THESE PIGS OFF OUR BACKS!
Unite in solidarity with the African working class!
Join InPDUM!
Build Black Community Control of the Police!


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