Ferguson area pigs kill African teenager; claim he committed suicide

On October 28th 2015 in the town of Normandy, Missouri an African family was having a personal struggle with their 18 year-old son, Amonderez Green. The family said Amonderez sometimes had outbursts because he was dealing with what appeared to be depression.
He went outside very upset and his family followed him. His mother and father were talking to him and trying to calm him down. His parents were used to this kind of behavior and knew how to get their son to control his depression and relax.
Everything was going as planned, Amonderez was walking with the family and getting back to his normal self. Then the pigs ended up on the scene.
First, I will tell you what the family said happened, then I’ll share info from the pigs official report.
The family said cops showed up and started interrogating their son. The father of the young boy told the pigs to back away and that the family has full control of the situation.
Normandy pigs stopped following the family and Amonderez for a few moments. After a couple of minutes, the father noticed that Ferguson pigs invaded their community as well.
The Ferguson pigs went straight to terrorizing Amonderez. Threatening to arrest him and finally pulling their guns out on him. When they did this the family, including Amonderez, ran away from the pigs.
As he was running away, he turned around to face the pigs and they shot him in the face, killing him.
Now, according to the official Normandy pigs’ report:
“On 10/28/2015 at approximately 2:00 pm, Normandy police officers responded to the 5800 block of Bermuda Drive for a report of a suicidal subject. The individual was being followed by members of his family, who were seeking police and medical intervention.
“Normandy officers made contact with this individual, an 18 year old male, in that area, and attempted to open a dialogue with him. The male was uncooperative with the officers and members of his family, and continued walking into the 7700 block of Ellington.”
The family’s account contradicts the pig’s statement. The family has said many times on camera that they did not call the pigs and that when the pigs arrived they told them to leave.
Also, why would the pigs need to open dialogue with the young man when the family already had everything under control? What kind of dialogue do pigs need to have with a distressed teenager?
According to the pigs’ report, "Normandy officers exited their patrol vehicles and again attempted to speak with the individual at which time the male retrieved a handgun from his waist band and began firing shots at the officers.
“A Normandy officer deployed their less lethal department issued taser which was ineffective. Officers returned fire, however it appears at this time the male was not struck by law enforcement gunfire. The individual fled through the rear yards on Ellington into the 7700 block of Paddington.”
Firstly, why on earth would an African teen who is upset and outside walking because he is trying to calm down try to shoot the cops?
Secondly, he shot this gun at close-range and did not hit one single pig? Not even a cop car? There has been no proof that a weapon was shot at the cops that day. Not one bullet mark.
And thirdly, when THE HELL have you EVA heard that pigs were being shot at by a gun and they decide to pull out their tasers? When has this ever happened in the African community? I would love for someone to prove that this has ever happened.
The pig’s report stated, “Officers in pursuit of the male momentarily lost sight of him, however, heard one additional gunshot. As officers turned the corner, they observed the male lying on the ground, unresponsive and immediately began rendering first aid.
“The male was transported to an area hospital where he is in critical condition. Normandy police recovered a handgun lying next to the subject at the scene.”
The pigs claimed that the depressed teen was suicidal. Why would a suicidal person run away from gunfire just to go behind bushes and kill himself…with gunfire?
Pigs are nothing but low-life terrorist bastards! In this entire report the pigs didn’t even talk about the Ferguson pigs who were also on the scene. They did this to keep headlines from saying Ferguson pigs killed another African.
There has been multiple videos posted by the family and neighbors showing that the pigs are lying, but colonial (main-stream) media refuses to show any of the footage.
The Uhuru Movement has posted numerous videos and photos on social media showing that the police story makes no sense.
In one of the videos you can hear the mother of Amonderez saying “Please Don’t Shoot My Baby!”
Then you can hear the pigs let out gun shots. This was just a family struggle that was being solved, but pigs saw it as an opportunity to murder another African in cold blood.
Colonial media has not reported on the incident since. They have claimed it to be a suicide and have moved on to the next story.
No colonial media organizations have reached out to the family to get their account of what happened.
The pigs got some neo-colonized African woman to handle the press release. Everyone seems to have moved on, but this family is still mourning. We have lost another African at the hands of these pig terrorists.
The Uhuru Movement plans on reaching out to the family and representing them as well as getting them on Africa Live on Uhuru Radio in the near future. We will fight for young Amonderez Green, because we believe with all our hearts: Touch One, Touch All!


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