African puppets are dancing for white politicians!


Akwaaba yall! How was yalls day? I hope it went well. Oh, how was mine you ask? Well it was fineExcept I was bombarded by an extremely annoying and triggering video titled Stump for Trump.


As you know, that rich colonizer Donald Trump is running to be the next president of the united snakes of America.


In the video he is talking to a large, majority-white crowd at a December 6, 2015 rally in North Carolina and invites these two African (black) women up to speak.


The duo is Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson a.k.a Diamond and Silk. They are internet sensations who stand for everything white nationalists stand for.


They see no fault in white people or the State. This makes white people very comfortable and happy to share their online videos.


The duo recently made a barrage of online videos saying that they endorse Trump. They expressed that they just like him cause hes white and white people seem to like him and black people dont.


When Trump invites them on to the stage to speak they were more than pleased to shuck and jive for massa. They screamed, shouted, danced, twirled and chanted for their massa Trump.


It was extremely uncomfortable to see two grown African women shucking and jiving for a white man in a room filled with white people. The white audience looked at them like they were watching animals do tricks.


They entertained the white audience with some of their famous one-liners: We support Donald J. Trump! We endorse Donald J. Trump.


This is going to be our next president of these United States! The silent majority has spoken, baby! Hes going to build that wall and hes going to build it tall and its going to protect us all. [Referencing the wall he wants to build to keep the Indigenous people of Mexico out of the colonial borders of amerikkka].


Hardaway went on to say, We dont want this country to fall do we? Build that wall Donald J. Trump,as she was embraced by the candidate.


How disappointing is it to hear African women say that they dont want this country to fall?


The same country that stole, enslaved, raped and beat them, as well as turn them into traumatized Africans with no power. The same country that is committing genocide on African people.


These women are not alone, though. Africans have been running to the stage to cheer on their favorite white presidential candidate.


The African musician Killer Mike has been using his fame and street cred to pull African people back into the electoral process.


He is selling the people the narrative that Africans can vote our way to liberation.


Killer Mike is very popular amongst white liberals. He is the big, scary-looking Negro that talks like a white prep student when discussing politics. He is one of white liberals favorite black political freak shows.


He thinks white people are pleased with his intelligence and his summations, when they actually look at him with the same amusement as the white audience that looked at Diamond and Silk.


Killer Mike went on stage at a rally in Atlanta, in late November, 2015 to endorse presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


At the rally he shouted, flared around and cried about how this white nationalist has the answers and will lead Africans and all other people to a better reality.


He stated in his embarrassing performance: "I have said in many a rap, I don't trust the church or the government, a democrat, republican, a pope, a bishop or those other men.


But after spending five hours tonight, after spending five hours with someone who has spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine, I can tell you that am very proud tonight to announce the next president of the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders."


Killer Mike, Diamond, Silk and any other African that leads African people to the polls as a way to liberate African people, are doing Africans an injustice.


Democracy is a form of the bourgeoisie State. Vladimir Lenin, a Russian communist revolutionary stated: A democratic republic is the best possible political shell for capitalism.


The fact that people can vote or speak at a city council meeting covers over the fact that both political parties in the U.S. represent the interests of the capitalist ruling class.


The democratic form of the bourgeois State masks the colonial reality for African people.


Revolution is the only way to gain African Liberation!

Join the Revolution! Join The Uhuru Movement!


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