No honeymoon for France’s new imperialist president Emmanuel Macron

LONDON—Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron became the new and youngest French president since 1848 on May 7, 2017.

He won the second round contest with 66.1 percent of votes against Marine Le Pen, who got 33.9 percent. What is the meaning of Macron’s victory?

According to the French interior ministry, “4.07 million voted blank or null, 10.6 voted for Le Pen, 12.1 million of voters abstained and 20.1 million voted for Macron.”1

It is clear that the number of those who did not vote for Macron, 26.6 million, exceed the number of those who voted for him.

The abstention in colonial French territories overseas is higher: 50.77 percent in Guadeloupe, 49.74 percent in Martinique, 58.07 percent in Guyanne, 54.27 percent in Mayotte, 47.19 percent in Nouvelle Caledonie and 53.11 percent in French Polynesia.2

The traditional ruling parties of the left as well as from the right such as the “Parti Socialite” (PS) or “The Republican” (LR) parties did not make it, they were beaten and eliminated during the first round, some two weeks ago before the second and final round on Sunday May 8th.

Macron’s new organization under his newest name since winning the elections, “La “Republique En Marche” is not like Melenchon’s “les insoumis“ or Le Pen’s “Front National” whose organizations are membership based.

Many who voted for Macron are not part of Macron’s movement.

The press and a significant part of the white French rulers, have played the fear card by portraying Macron as a safer option in face of the “Fascist” Le Pen, thereby pushing vast numbers of voters towards Macron.

However, Macron is nothing but the main tool of liberal imperialism in France, while Le pen is a reserve force in the service of the same white imperialist ruling class.

Marine has almost doubled the result achieved by her father, when he reached the second round of the French presidential elections against Jacques Chirac in 1995.

This is not to say that Le Pen is the biggest threat to imperialism.

On the contrary, Le Pen is another servant of imperialist white power, waiting in the wings and hoping for her time to serve the capitalist masters.

In either case, both candidates represent sectors of the bourgeoisie, which compels us to state that the elections in France have been won by the imperialist French ruling class.

Macron is not an outsider

Macron is being presented as someone who never before ran for an office, and the first time he does, he wins it.

This is bourgeois intoxication. Emmanuel Macron is an insider.

He graduated in 2004 from the elitist “Ecole Nationale d’Administration” (ENA) created by Charles De Gaulle after the Second World War to provide France with cadres to run French imperialism.

ENA was led by Maurice Thorez, the secretary general of the French Communist Party in 1947 when the opportunist French communists were part of the parasitic French capitalist government.

A number of former French presidents have attended ENA: Francois Hollande, Giscard d’Estaing, Jacques Chirac, Laurent Fabius, the former foreign affair minister in Francois Hollande’s government and Florian Phillipot, the Deputy President of “Front National.”

The list is exhaustive. The fact of the matter is that whoever goes to the school can safely bet on becoming a leading representative of the ruling class on some level in the society.

Macron would work as of the government’s inspector of finance, a job that puts you in the heart of inner information concerning big French companies and bosses.

“In 2008, he paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract and became an investment banker with Rothschild.” 3  This is one of the leading business banks in France.

It was Jacque Attali, an ENA graduate like Macron, and former special adviser to François Mitterrand for 10 years, who recommended Macron to Francis Henrot, the right hand man of David Rothschild.

In two years, Macron was catapulted to associate-manager of the family bank––the “crème de la crème.”

In 2012, When Francois Hollande became France’s president, Macron would land the job of deputy secretary general at “The Elysés,” the French equivalent of the white house.

In August 2014, at the age of 36 years old, he was promoted as minister of economy.

His leadership was highlighted with a reform known as Macron Law that attempted to liberalize and deregulate certain capitalist aspects of French economy.

In “Anglo-Saxon” countries such as the U.S. and England, working on Sunday and opening airports and other forms of transport to private companies is seen as “liberating.”

He resigned his economic minister job in August 2016, to lead his movement “En Marche” (Let’s Go) that he created in April 2016, before launching his presidential bid in November 2016.

Entire French white liberal press supports Macron

Macron’s candidacy got the support of the entire imperialist press and leaders from various groups, including white power leaders outside France.

He was presented as a candidate who was not from the left or the right.

The truth is that the major contradiction of imperialism is not the split between leftist and right-wing white people in France, but rather the split between oppressor and oppressed nations.

It is the parasitism that binds Europe to Africa and the rest of the colonized world by force that is the fundamental fault.

Macron campaigned for France, whose future is firmly reliant on a united Europe at a time when the European Union project has been wounded by the British Brexit, and a Euro that benefits Germany rather than France.

What the ruling class and its complicit press do not want to face is that the decline of France began with the French defeat in Vietnam, Algeria and Guinea.

Their defeat stems from the changes in the colonies where France used to have an unrestricted upper hand which are now at the base of French decline.

Macron has the task of uniting white people in a clearly fractured society and are gravitating around five different electoral parties.

Imperialist rulers expect Macron to reform French society by dismantling the French trade unions and weakening their militancy for the benefit of white power and imperialist world order.

The French ruling class wants to be an equal partner with Germany’s ruling class in the domination of the European Union.

The belief amongst its elite is that France’s economy and labor laws must be reformed to make France as competitive as Germany, who is the leading and dominating power in Europe.

Sarkorzy and Hollande have failed to accomplish these tasks, and the French ruling class expects Macron to succeed.

They believe he can win the young generation to accept liberal imperialist reforms that will erode what the French society takes for granted, such as the French “civilized” way of life earned the hard way.

A new France must be born in solidarity with African Revolution

Those of us who want to see a new France must fight for a new world order and society where France is no longer an imperialist country.

African petty bourgeoisie collaborators of French imperialism cannot see the future outside of imperialism; they perceive Emmanuel Jean Michel Fredric Macron as a new era in the development of capitalism.

The French elections are happening under a state of emergency, a law that has only been used in France in 1955 in response to Algeria’s national liberation war for independence and during the 2005 uprisings in France in response to the police killing of Bouna Traoré and Ziad Benna.

A new France must be in solidarity with African revolution in Africa, the Caribbean and in the Pacific Islands.

It is a France that calls for an immediate end of Franceafrique, an abolition of the colonial pact that fleeces Africa of untold billions of dollars every year, and the withdraw all French troops from African soil.

France must, of course, pay reparations to Haiti!

Imperialism led by a young president is still imperialism!

French imperialism out of Africa!

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2. Idem


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