InPDUM St Louis-Ferguson digs in deep for Day After Verdict Protests – Pay Attention!


Uhuru Comrades,


In the wake of Michael Brown’s murder, by Ferguson, MO white cop Darren Wilson, there have been many demonstrations and other responses, as part of the outcry over injustices disproportionately experienced by Africans in this country and worldwide, at the hands of the State.


Soon, a decision by a St Louis County Grand Jury will decide whether or not Darren Wilson will stand trial for the shooting death of Mike Brown which occurred on August 9, 2014.


Many more demonstrations, rallies, acts of civil disobedience etc. are being planned throughout this country  and others on the day after the decision is announced. 


We must proceed with a comprehensive understanding of the oppressor against whom we struggle, and the tactics that may be employed to thwart our organizational objectives, as we go forth in our pursuit of justice and accountability.


First, we must keep in mind that although this is a highly inciting subject we do not have to provoke, nor have we in the past provoked the violent measures law enforcement has used in order to keep us “in line.”


Our presence will be more than enough for agents of the State to show their anger and hostility.


It would be wise for members of INPDUM to move with one another, whenever possible, since we are going out with protestors and demonstrators from other groups and interest sectors and  do not know the tactics and methods they are planning.


The St. Louis chapter of INPDUM is fledgling and one of our missions at this time, along with being present to hold the State accountable for its actions, is to get as many persons as possible, to give their contact information in order to boost our membership.


This recruitment tool should be a part of all “day after” events that take place.

Areas for PLANNED and ORGANIZED acts of civil disobedience during “day after” events have been clearly designated.


Ferguson IS NOT one of these areas. Please contact your chapter presidents if you are not aware where these areas are.


We do not want any of our members incarcerated, or detained.  In addition, those who we designate to participate in these acts should be individuals relatively “clear” of any criminal charges.


If you find yourself in the midst of people inciting violence or violently provoking law enforcement, (especially in the Ferguson territories), distance yourselves from that activity immediately. There is certain to be agents-provocateurs in the crowds.


It has been reported that the plan is to make 1000 arrests per day, in the Ferguson area and some of the arrested will be detained at FEMA camps near Jefferson City, MO. 


It has also been mentioned that no one will be processed until the state of emergency has been lifted.


This information was reported by one of our comrades in St. Louis through a contact with a direct tie to the St. Louis County police department.


We cannot confirm the threat of these reactionary measures. It would, however, be  irresponsible on the part of the organization not to inform you of what has been heard in the streets.


INPDUM supports its members by offering all the information available so that we can strategize to the best of our ability and achieve the greatest results.


The terms “be careful” and “activism” are primarily polar by definition. Nonetheless, it is the common goal of InPDUM that each of us remains as safe as possible, so that we can return to our communities and continue the work of building and preserving for our collective future as free people.



Kennethia Miller

St. Louis INPDUM Outreach coordinator


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