In Support of Jefferson City March

“There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”

John Adams (2nd US President)

Through the span of time, United States positioned itself as a state of democracy, the most civilized and humane to be found on this planet. Nations were told, that US citizens have highest rights and freedom for all; that US laws grant hope for prosperous existence and advancement of society. Western media actively elucidated “infringement” of human rights elsewhere, spinning the yarns of violence and dictatorship in various places around the world.

Under the veil of enlightened eloquence in speeches of American politicians, hide the dreadful chain of events that took place in US and abroad. Over the span of last 50 years, “law” enforcement agencies of the United States have actively participated in undermining and devastation of sovereignty for dozens of countries. Millions of innocent people worldwide have suffered the consequences of these actions. American war machine paid in full by taxpayers’ money, which led to creation of the biggest military budget in the world. Basically, under the motto of democracy was performed genocide against nations, while American people paid for it by the lives of their relatives.

President and the Government of United States have betrayed the ideals of the Founding Fathers. By the name of democracy, the whole nation was robbed, people were killed. Is this the America of George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson? US economy came to serve private interests of Wall Street tycoons, not to average citizen. It was proven by crisis started 2008, which lasts to this very day. Adam Smith, the author of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, a founding base for capitalism theory, would now be standing in one row with protesters of major US cities. USA today is blessing for 1% at the expense of 99%. The poverty and unemployment have seized the country. The quantity of prison have broken all the records. American soldier have become an enemy for the whole world, because he fights as a mercenary, not as a soldier; not for ideals of democracy, but rather for interests of transatlantic corporations.

The whole world supports protest of American citizens, regarding infringement of human rights and discrimination of citizens in what was once known as a civil society. The Jefferson City March – is an attempt to right a wrong, to restore justice, a chance for the society to get rid of the oppression, and return civil rights to its citizens, the rights defined by Constitution of the United States of America. This march came to be in the name of democracy and justice!

Today the citizens of America have acquired a unique chance to make people free, as in freedom, and make country much less aggressive, and much more widely accepted as a carrier peace, not of B-29’s. By stopping the useless wars, by stopping creating prisons, which only encourages criminals, it is possible to restore democracy in the United States of America and prevent the new Cold War, for which struggles US government now. It is also a great, if not the only, chance to prevent WWIII – the catastrophe that might end it for all of us.

We must support Ferguson! We must support Jefferson City March!

We must support American people!

Alexander Ionov

The Anti-globalization movement of Russia


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