Hugo Chavez: “Will you handle it?”


Chavistas have always been and will always be the main engine of the Chavismo ideology of the Bolivarian Revolution–named after revolutionary leader Simón Bolívar–in Venezuela. 


Chavismo is the 21st Century ideology of socialism, which has played a leading role in social, political and economic recovery of the country. 


The nation got used to the fact that Venezuela was a colony of the U.S. for decades, as one dictator replaced another.


The Bolivarian Revolution, or the revolution of minds as Hugo Chavez called it, inspired people with a hope for a brighter future. 


Due to the social missions enacted between the year 2000 and 2010 in Venezuela, illiteracy was eliminated. Normal medical care and a number of different subsidies for socially vulnerable people were also introduced. 


In 2014, these achievements were being threatened! 


In the winter of that year, while the Russians were anxiously watching the protests taking place in Maidan, Ukraine, a very similar situation occurred in Venezuela. 


Venezuela had been experiencing unprecedented pressure from the U.S. 


Due to a factitious shortage of food in the stores nationwide, the number of discontent Venezuelans increased. 


The U.S. began a systematic campaign of pumping opposition money. As a result, riots broke out in Venezuela. Three of eight states were covered by anti-government protests. 


Similar to in the Ukraine, the opposition called students to the streets. Young people did not hide the fact that they got a lot of money for their protest. 


In Venezuela, on December 6, 2014, the elections to the National Assembly (unicameral parliament) were won by the representatives of the pro-U.S opposition. 


The U.S. received the main instrument–a direct impact on Venezuela’s constitution. That particular constitution was the basis of the Venezuela’s Bolivarian process. 


As soon as the opposition begins the process of political change in favor of the U.S., the basic law of the country will be changed and thus the revolution will be deprived of its foundations. 


The impeachment of the president will then follow. Russia should not allow these changes to happen. 


We have been talking for a long time about the fact that Russian foreign policy has been always free from ambitions, we are not acting like the U.S. 


The time has come, however, to defend the interests of not only Russia, but the interests of all peoples who are fighting for a multipolar world. 


If this is not done, then the fall of Venezuela will follow, a terrible economic crisis will begin in the countries of the ALBA, MERCOSUR and UNASUR Unions. The U.S. will then call Latin America its “backyard.” 

Chavez predicted this, and so when he was leaving he asked his comrades, "Will you handle it?"


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