Days in Solidarity with African People inside the U.S. and around the world

ST PETERSBURG, FLThe Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM), the organization of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), is building a mass international campaign for “Days in Solidarity with African People” (DSAP) inside the U.S. and around the world.
The campaign will culminate with major events in October and November under the theme “Reparations Now!
There Can Be No Justice Without It!” and will feature Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party as the keynote speaker.
USM organizers from Dallas, San Diego, Oakland, Philadelphia, Gainesville and St. Petersburg, FL are hitting the streets, sidewalks, campuses and community centers to win Euro-Americans to take the “Pledge of Solidarity with African People” and participate in the mass fundraising campaign to raise $20,000 towards the programs of the APSP.
USM, as the mass organization of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, is formed around the African Internationalist understanding that white people of all class strata owe reparations to African people for centuries of slavery and colonialism.
“Reparations in action”—material solidarity with the struggle for African self-determination—is the cornerstone of USM’s activist work.
The DSAP campaigns of years past have seen the message of African Internationalism extended into white communities across the world, from Miami, FL to Warsaw, Poland.
DSAP mobilizes white people to get out in their communities with The Burning Spear newspaper, hold events, studies, meetings, forums, benefit concerts, poetry readings and other creative fundraising tactics to build support and win solidarity with African liberation and reparations.
USM against the war on Africans
This year’s DSAP campaign takes place in the context of a profound crisis of U.S. imperialism, a time when everywhere around the world war and crisis rage with intensity.
Inside this country, the government’s war against the African community is escalating.
Every day, there is an instance of police murder, brutality, harassment or degradation directed at black people as Africans, especially African youth of childbearing age, are rounded up and herded into the U.S. prisons which boast the largest prison population on earth.
Africans, Mexicans, Arabs and other oppressed peoples are fighting back against this brutal and profit-driven capitalist system built on hideous crimes such as the massive enslavement and commodification of African people, unimaginable genocide of the Indigenous people and colonial violence of massive proportions.
Chairwoman Penny Hess of the African People’s Solidarity Committee writes in the “Call for Days in Solidarity with African People”:
“As white people organized under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party working for the liberation of Africans everywhere in solidarity with oppressed and struggling peoples across the globe, we know there will never be peace without this vision.
“We must separate ourselves from identification with the U.S. government and its expectations of white nationalist unity and the mindless apathy that has us complacently fighting for our interests at the expense of the rest of the world.
“White people: join the peoples of the planet in creating a healthy world of peace and equity. Build the Days in Solidarity with African People in your area.”
Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement by going to
Contact USM! Email or call 727-888-3797.
Reparations Now!


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