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uhuru solidarity movement


The white opportunism of Tim Wise versus the African Revolution

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement exposes the opportunism of the anti-racist ideology of Tim Wise.

Drones out of the Middle East and Africa!

Drones out of Africa and the Middle East! Victory to Pakistan! Victory to African people! Uhuru Solidarity Movement statement on U.S. drone attacks. 24 hours a...

Call In! Demand termination of white nationalist driver who assaulted our comrade Johann Bedingfield!

Comrades, Members and Supporters of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, On the date of May 6th, USM member and cadre organizer of the African People’s Solidarity...

White supporters of African liberation denounce police occupation of black community in St. Petersburg, Florida

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement held a press conference to address the recent shooting of a police officer and subsequent military occupation of the black community in St. Petersburg, FL.

The devastation began more than 200 years ago

The African People’s Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement call on white people to stand for reparations to African people and to join and support the Uhuru Solidarity Movement campaign for Africa’s Resources in African Hands.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Denounces attack on Uhuru Movement by Philadelphia Coalition to Save the Libraries!

Philadelphia, PA - USM calls for the white community and all allies of African Liberation to support & participate in the October 2nd “They...

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Conference a Success!

Uhuru! This is an incredible time to witness the transformation of the world right before our eyes -- as the movement of national liberation...

Uhuru Earth Day Fest Draws thousands

On Saturday April 18th the Uhuru Solidarity Movement hosted the first annual Earth Day Festival and Flea Market in West Philadelphia’s ...

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