CHARLOTTE, NC­­––One unidentified person was shot by police during a second night of African resistance in response to the police murder of 47-year-old Keith Scott.

The victim is in critical condition. Two others were also injured.

Colonial media is has reported that the shooting victim was shot by another protestor, however multiple eye-witnesses on the ground maintain that he was shot by the police.

Witnesses say that the police used tear gas which caused the crowd to disperse briefly. Once the Africans returned, the cops shot rubber bullets at a close range which hit the victim in his head, bursting his head open and causing him to go into shock.

Facebook’s overseers have removed any and all livestreams which documented the police shooting and eye-witness accounts during the uprising.

Throughout the night, Africans liberated items from stores, destroyed property and even removed the U.S. imperialist flag from a flag pole.

Colonial media twists the narrative

Africans in Charlotte have declared that they aren’t fucking with colonial media who are working overtime to twist the narrative of what is happening on the ground and painting the protestors as a violent mob.

White ruling class media has no harsh words, however, against the occupying military force known as the police who showed up in military gear and helmets as they shot tear gas and rubber bullets on Africans because they demand black power. Nor do they have anything negative to say about the cop who murdered Keith Scott.

Our brothers and sisters on the ground clearly showed what they thought of colonial media when they smashed the car windows of Time Warner News vehicles.

Any news outlet that negatively paints the African working class of Charlotte and our righteous struggle against white power is aligning with the colonial State.

The governor of North Caroline, Pat McCrory, has declared a state of emergency, and has called in the bigger goons­­––the national guard––to back up police in their attempt to suppress the retaliating African working class.

Africans have the right to resist colonial oppression!

Colonial media and the general white population are attempting to aid the State in policing Africans. This time, they are trying to tell us that we should not protest, that we should not resist.

Africans have the right to resist our colonial oppression! We cannot and should not consider criticisms from the oppressor nation because their criticisms will always paint us in the wrong and them in the right.

The slave master cannot tell the slave how to rebel.

The struggle must be for Black Power!

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) 14-point platform “What We Want; What We Believe” states in point 13:

“We believe that the primary struggle of African people within the U.S. during this period is to throw off the alien U.S. colonial domination which is responsible for virtually every hardship imposed on black people by this government that is identifiable as a ‘black problem.’”

In other words, we want colonialism and the pigs who work to upload this system off our backs, dammit. 

Colonialism is the root of all our problems. We are being shot down in the street by the pigs because we are colonial subjects who have no power over our own lives.

We must struggle for political and economic power in the hands of the African working class. We must make the struggle for Black Power!

Join the Party who is fighting for Black Power––The APSP!

We stand with Charlotte!





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